Permanent Eyeliner

Tired of applying eyeliner everyday? Do your eyes look tired? Do you need a little definition? Then permanent eyeliner may be for you. Permanent eyeliner can give your eyes what they really need.

Permanent eyeliner can create a lash enhancement, give your eyes a little pop. Having permanent eyeliner is great for adding depth and definition. This procedure really does make the most of bringing out your eyes. Permanent eyeliner is ideal for people with allergies, hayfever and contact lenses wearers as its smudge free, waterproof and long lasting. It’s great for clients who have no eyelashes or clients who are just tired of painting it on day after day. It’s a plus for clients who like the made up look 24/7. Our eyeliner can be performed on either upper or lower lash lines and of course both.

What to expect

Bruising is rare but it can occur, if it does, it is mild and will resolve in a few days. Pigment intensity is immediate Following the procedure, the pigment will appear darker more bolder and vibrant. The color will fade within 7 to 10 days, and settle into a final color. It’s important to follow the aftercare which is crucial for the final results. Also a touch is highly recommended to get the pigment saturated.

How to prepare for your upcoming procedure

Avoid any blood thinners such as alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, vitamin E and fish oil 24-48 hours prior. If you are taking blood thinners per drs orders please consult your Doctor before stopping them.

The procedure can take upto 1.5- 2 hours for a simple liner and longer if a wing is desired. On the day of the appointment you can’t have any moles, major hyperpigmentation, skin tags in the area that we will be working on. If you are prone to keloids consult with your doctor before you have this procedure done. It may make you prone to more keloids. Please also come in without contacts on as the pulling and tugging during the time of the procedure may irritate your eyes. You can not have any eyelash extensions, glues or bands in when having this procedure for about 8 weeks. Need 4 weeks to heal and with touch up another 4 weeks. If you have had chemo you will need to be off chemo for 6 months. People prone to keloids or people with an autoimmune disorder should confer with a dr before undergoing this procedure. Please do mention any health concerns you may have to the artist when you set the appointment.

Eyeliner aftercare

Eyes, and eyelid may be swollen right afterwards and for a few days after. Ice is nice! 10-15 minutes on each eye few times a day for a few days to minimize the swelling. The eyes may be swollen for a days and will subside. You will be avoiding water on the eyes for about a week. No picking or pulling at the scabs or flakes as pigment may come off. No ointments are needed as we believe dry healing yields the best results. A detailed aftercare pamphlet will be given the day of your appointment.

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