Neena is wonderful her profession, personable and fun. She takes time making sure you are completely satisfied with her work before letting you leave. My eyebrows are amazing and look forwards to working with her in the future!


I really love it!! My eyebrows are perfect!

Flor Bohorquez

I’m in love with my new microblading eyebrows! After some research I’m so happy to have found Neena, she is very professional and make you feel comfortable while doing her job! I would definitely recommend Neena! She is the best in microblading!

Silvia Gil

It was my first time getting my eyebrows done and she made me feel very comfortable! I loved that she explained what she was doing the entire time. It’s been a few weeks and I’m very excited for my touch up! She responds back fast and has a lovely play list you listen too. She’s very professional and I’m happy I found her.

Taco Samiee

Neena was very professional and through. It took a while but she got my brows shaped PERFECTLY. Highly recommend!


I had wanted to get microblading done for awhile but was nervous. I’m so glad that I waited and did some research and found Neena! She was awesome. I truly appreciated how she took time to make sure I was comfortable and explained every step along the way. I love how my new eyebrows look! I’m only on day 2 of the healing process, but I’m so excited to see the final result after they are done healing. I would definitely recommend Neena..she’s awesome!

Sarah Irons

Let’s start off by saying, that Neena takes pride in her work! She is wonderful in every way wonderful can be elaborated…. Warm, friendly, professional and passionate in the work she does. She makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet until the end of your service. I would recommend her to anyone interested in microblading service. She checks on you throughout the whole service, making sure you’re numb enough and not feeling any pain. Thank you Neena, you were awesome 🙂

Charlene Maraj

Neena is the best. She is very welcoming and personable. She explains very clearly what need to be done in preparation to the procedure. Unlike getting a tattoo, cosmetic makeup is numbed. She’ll ask you if it’s working and reapply multiple times. Neena is very thorough and won’t rush you out the door. She will look over her work multiple times. You won’t leave until it’s perfect!


Welcoming, knowledgeable, personal, informative, perfectionist, experienced, passionate, caring, professional 🙂 10/10 would recommend Neena’s service to anyone!

Alexis Torres

Neena was fantastic. She got me in immediately and explained everything before and during the procedure. I highly recommend her.

Michelle T.

Just had my first appointment for my microblading with Neena I can’t say enough great things about her and the experience! Neena walked me through the whole process and made me feel very comfortable! She is very gentile and precise with her work. Would recommend her a thousand times over! Neena is number one in my book! Thank you Neena, I can now be proud of my beautiful new eyebrows!

Melissa Bruno

Neena is amazing and very professional! She did my eyebrows today and am so happy with the results! Definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to get microblading done.

Sandra Silva

Great experience, extremely happy with my brows!


She did an amazing job!! I totally recommend her!!! Thank you Neena!!

Anabella Serena

If there is a word greater than Thank You…that is what I want to say to Neena after an awesome afternoon doing my Microblading eyebrows for the first time. Definitely, if anyone is considering doing Microblading…HAS to be with Neena at Strokes of Genius. She loves her work and takes you through every detail. Through it my jaw was falling of the amazing job she was doing. Don’t think about it, call now as I did, as my Christmas gift to myself.

HIlda Trujillo

I don’t Always no Have the time to do my makeup and this has helped tremendously i feel so confident now and not like a clown. lol feel so much younger too. Alot of my friends i know are dealing with the same issue. . this will help so much definitely worth the money.


Thank you Neena for the wonderful experience. I appreciate you being patient with me and making me feel comfortable. My eyebrows look even and beautiful.


Everything went just as she explained prior to procedure. She made sure I was comfortable through the process, frequently asking if I was experiencing any discomfort. Really took her time with me, Making sure I was satisfied with what she was doing. After a few days I had some questions, I texted her and she immediately responded. I am only 9 days post microblading, so my brows are still “Devoloping” and I will return for my 2nd visit the first of December.


My eyebrows used to be uneven without a shape, and I have a easy bleeding skin, and with all that she did a wonderful job that I could see the difference right away. She makes sure you are OK with what she is doing, be aware that she gonna give you strokes with a needle and it will hurt a little or a lot depending of your body.
Thank you Neena!!


To start Neena was incredibly sweet, comforting and someone I would genuinely enjoy spending time with and to add with the AMAZING job she did was great. Need took her time, Made sure I was comfortable the entire time and I couldn’t have asked better. These pictures are just a few hours after and will update when I’m healed. Highly recommend Neena and have already had many compliments!!!


Recommend 11/10 if you need to get your eyebrows Microbladed!! Neena is seriously a “genius” at doing this and literally the sweetest woman I have ever met! She takes the time to listen to what you want done and will not stop until you have what you need! Seriously don’t go to anyone else if you want anything else but perfection. She gave my brows life again and I no longer feel self conscious about them.

Victoria Cotopolis

I love the professionalism that she is and that perfection job that she give you. I will recommend to everyone. She is the best. Thank you so much.

Deborah Garcia

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