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Do you want beautifully shaped, symmetric eyebrows that frame your eyes perfectly? Our microblading and shading services in Kissimmee help sculpt natural-looking brows for stunning enhancement.

Our artists at Strokes of Genius will make sure you walk out of our studio satisfied. We use cutting edge microblading machines and tools that are certified and safe to use. Our primary concerns are your health and safety.

What is Microblading?

Microblading uses super-fine blades to deposit pigment into the upper layers of skin, creating realistic hair strokes. Many tiny cuts are made that are shallow, unlike deeper tattoos. A trained technician selects an appropriate pigment color. When it heals, it looks like real eyebrow hair, seamlessly filled in where desired.

Microblading lasts around 1-3 years as skin naturally exfoliates, though touch up visits help keep brows crisp. Its customizable nature makes it one of the most popular brow enhancements today. Clients love how low-maintenance microblading in Kissimmee shapes beautiful arches that appear delicately penciled on.

What is Eyebrow Shading?

Shading uses a fine tattoo needle for deeper pigment penetration. Instead of making hair strokes, the artist shadows and fills in the brows using tiny dots. Pigment is deposited across the entire area for uniform color in more solid brows rather than feathery microbladed ones.

Shading works better for those wanting an intense color payoff. The results appear bolder and more defined when filling large gaps. Combining shading in Kissimmee strategically with microblading offers the best of both techniques. The microblading strokes up front, then shading to build underlying density, resemble gradient eyebrows.

Semi-Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner

Why Choose Us for Microblading and Shading in Kissimmee?

Experienced Artists

Our technicians are highly trained in the latest methods to beautifully shape your brows every time. We keep improving our work to meet your expectations.

Custom Shaping

We tailor the shape and color specifically to flatter your face. Using both artistry and precision, we design brows that enhance your aesthetic and confidence.

Safety First

our wellbeing matters. We sterilize tools and use pure pigments for healthy application and healing. Our clean clinic offers a comfortable experience.

Subtle Enhancement

Our microblading shading in Kissimmee looks fully natural. We want your enhanced brows to perfect your look gently and gracefully.

Long Lasting Results

Brows stay sharp thanks to deep, layered pigment depositing in the skin. Enjoy your flawless arches for up to 18 months between refreshing visits.

Book Your Brow Transformation in Kissimmee

Your symmetrically arched and elegantly filled eyebrows are waiting for you to fall in love with your reflection. Book a microblading shading appointment with our Kissimmee studio. Discuss your beauty goals with our welcoming team for advice tailored to you.

Realize your dream brows ASAP! Call or email us to schedule your custom microblading shading transformation or lip blushing and tattoo removal treatment in Kissimmee. Usually, shading is completed the day of touch-up, once all strokes have been identified and adjusted. A touch-up is included in this blading and shading session after six weeks.

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