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Tired of an old Tattoo? Well we can remove it. Whether it be a cosmetic tattoo on the brow, eyes, lips and or smaller tattoos throughout the body we can take it out.

There’s quite a few ways of removing an old tattoo but the most effective, natural and safe way is through the process of saline. Saline is inserted into the area where the tattoo is located via a tattoo machine and through osmosis the pigment rises to top. When laser is used for tattoo removal the laser breaks up the pigment into the body and the body absorbs it whereas through the A + ocean saline tattoo procedure pigment rises to the top and is taken out of the skin.

With this procedure the scab formation is very important as that is what holds the pigment that needs to come out. So keeping the scab dry, intact and letting it fall off on its own is key.

How many sessions are needed

As far as how many sessions a person would need depends on many factors. How long ago they had the tattoo done? What pigment was used? The ingredients in the pigment? How deep the prior tattoo artist went?

It’s advisable that you send photos and let us evaluate and go from there. Most cases a tattoo done in the last few years can be removed in 1-4 sessions. Sometimes one session is all it takes to lighten the area if that’s all that is required. A tattoo removal session can typically take anywhere from 1-7 sessions.


The Price is based on consultation. Typically can range from $250-$299 for a small removal.

First appointment and what to expect

When you come in for your first appt you will sit with numbing cream for 30 minutes and fill out some paperwork. After that the procedure starts and typically lasts 30 minutes. Typically the tattoo site will look bloodshot red when you leave your appointment and for the rest of the day. The next day it will start to darken as the saline reacts w the pigment. You will be given an aftercare sheet and are just asked to keep the area of the procedure open and not covered. Keeping the scab dry and uncovered is very important as the scab is what is what will be filled with the pigment when it falls. No picking, peeling or pulling as it falls. After the scab falls off, you’ll apply vitamin E on the site 2 times a day till you come to your next appointment.

The next session is generally 4-6 weeks later if needed.


A+ Ocean is the finest all natural tattoo removal solution on the market. Intended to naturally remove cosmetic and conventional tattoos. A+ Ocean is the world’s first hypertonic all natural saline removal system and contains no carcinogens and is all natural and naturally preserved.

A+ Ocean was developed by John Hashey in 1980 as a safe alternative to other tattoo removal methods and systems.

After many years of testing and evolution John Hashey discovered a combination of all natural products combined with the proper solution, techniques, needles and proper equipment that safely lightens and in most cases removes unwanted tattoo ink and permanent cosmetic pigments from the human skin. Tattoo removal is not something that can be taken lightly and requires skilled technicians that have been properly trained.

Natural Tattoo Removal is far superior to laser and other chemical or abrasive methods on the market. Not all saline products used for tattoo removal are made the same and some contain carcinogens.

Sea Salt one of the most used type of salt in these products is not all the same. Sea Salt can contain other minerals and particles that are unwanted in a saline removal product. A+ Ocean is manufactured the finest sea salt money can buy. Filtered and combined with the correct ration of lab quality sterile water and aloe produces a truly hypertonic tattoo removal product.

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