Is Shading with Microblading a Good Idea?

By Nov 30, 2022

If you are also obsessed with having perfect brows, you might be thinking about microblading services. When searching for microblading services in Orlando, you might have come up with a microblading service that also combines shading and has just a few dollars difference in the price tags. This can put you in a dilemma whether you should go just for plain microblading or shading with microblading. To help you make a clear and informed choice, we have put together this guide for you.


Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique wherein a certified and experienced microblading artist draws fine hair-like strokes on your eyebrows to give an illusion of fuller and more defined natural brows.

This technique is great solution for all those women who have thinner or sparse eyebrows. It can also help even the uneven eyebrow shapes. In other words, if you desire brows that look defined, more evenly shaped, and fuller naturally, microblading is your go-to choice.


Shading is another latest trend in the permanent (or semi-permanent to be precise) makeup industry. This technique gives your brows a soft-shaded, filled-in brow pencil look. Once it heals, it will look more natural than solid color. Shading gives your brows more depth and definition and thus, also makes a good choice. The color of shading can be customized. Thus, if you want to have light soft shading or bold-looking brows, it can be done.

Microblading vs. Shading: Which is better?

Microblading provides you with hair-like strokes that mimic the natural hair of eyebrows as compared to a penciled look. This process gives your brow hair strokes where there is no hair or involves drawing hair strokes to even the brow line, depending on your natural brows’ shape and your expectations.

On the other hand, shading, as its name suggests, involves shading the brow’s underlying skin so that your brow look more natural and a bit darker. For those who are looking for a made-up look, shading is often a better option.

Just like microblading, a good candidate for microshading should not have serious health issues or skin conditions. If you are pregnant or nursing, then you should postpone this procedure because both microblading and microshading require you undergoing a healing phase.

The best news is microshading can be done for all skin types, including oily. However, the period for which they will last depends on skin types, skin care routine, sun exposure, climate, lifestyle, and a lot more factors.

The pain level for both procedures varies from one person to another. To prevent discomfort, permanent makeup artists use a numbing cream.

Some pigments (or colors) fade quicker than other pigments. The lighter pigment you choose, the faster it will fade.

If you are someone who loves the look of fuller and filled-in brows, you should choose microblading and shading both. In case you are still in dilemma, schedule a consultation appointment for microblading services in Orlando at a reputable permanent makeup studio where they also offer shading service. They will help you decide which look goes best with your face.

Is Microblading Worth It?

By Apr 28, 2022

What is Microblading?

As a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, microblading is used to provide the appearance of more prominent, more defined brows. Small incisions are made in the skin with a cosmetic tattoo pen, and the pigment is deposited into the skin.

There are a number of tips in various diameters available to adjust the thickness of each hairlike stroke because the tip of the microblading pen is so fine it truly mimics individual hairs. It is possible to achieve a more realistic appearance by having the technician use a diameter that closely matches the thickness of the natural brow hair. There are a variety of colors available that match your natural hair color as nearly as possible. Specialists can design the eyebrows in a variety of ways because each hair is drawn by hand.

Is Microblading Worth It?

Yes, eyebrow microblading is a worthwhile investment. Considering today’s semi-permanent makeup professionals’ expertise and experience, it’s impossible to go wrong with eyebrow microblading. You won’t believe what you see.

Microbladed brows have a slew of advantages, but they’ll also transform the way you see yourself and boost your self-esteem daily. In addition, a new individual emerges from the surgery and can’t wait to show off their new appearance.

This session is for those who wear cosmetics every day and want to obtain the perfect brows. Your everyday routine becomes a whole lot easier if you don’t wear any makeup. The amount of money you’ll save each morning will also save you a lot of time and irritation.

The microblading method usually takes 2-4 hours for most artists. At Strokes of Genius Microblading it can take about 1.5 hours.  The numbing cream and numbing ointment will keep you from feeling much discomfort. It takes roughly a month for the body to recover itself. There will be a six-week follow-up visit depending on what package you purchased. 

How long does it take to get the  microblading done again?

Depending on your skin type, anywhere from 6 months to 18 months might be expected after microblading. For example, oily skinned individuals may only last about 6 months before another session is necessary, but dry skinned individuals may go up to 18 months.

Pigment last longer in dry skinned individuals. Over time the Microblading will start to fade as it’s a semi permanent procedure. At Strokes of Genius Microblading I recommend doing the brows yearly to keep them fresh looking. 

Is it possible to remove microbladed eyebrows?

One can remove microbladed brows with a salt/saline solution because the  solution applied leaves no scars or discoloration. Knowing that scabs can form and flake off during the first 7-10 days of the healing process is extremely important to grasp. Occasionally, clients will leave the studio and worry that their brows are excessively dark two days later, but this is very typical. You should expect to see the finished final results few weeks later. 

Eyebrows microbladed with Strokes of Genius Microblading

If you have decided to get your brows microbladed, choose the best eyebrow microblading service in the city, Strokes of Genius microblading, and get your perfectly microbladed eyebrows today.

The most common microblading myths

By Mar 24, 2022

The microblading trend has been in the industry for a long time. And now, many beauty enthusiasts have started doing it with satisfactory results. But microblading is not taken well by everyone in the beauty industry or even the general public. Just like many other popular trends or things, microblading too has its fair share of myths.

Have these myths also prevented you from investing in eyebrow microblading services?

Painful experience

Tiny needles picking your skin sure can be painful, but not as painful as the myths claim. The area that will go through the process will get a numbing agent, and you will hardly feel any real pain. While the first application might be a bit more painful, it will grow on you. Some patients shared their experiences and said that it doesn’t hurt more than waxing your legs.

Even other issues like sunburn, later on, will be manageable easily.

It’s never going away

While we certainly use ‘permanent makeup’, it doesn’t mean it will remain forever. The pigment used in microblading is not the same as the one used for tattoos, and the ‘permanent makeup’ will eventually go away. Patients, who are looking for having an eyebrow all the time must invest in follow up sessions.

Your brows will not have a natural look

Not entirely a myth. But still not true for most of the part. At the very beginning, your eyebrows will look darker than normal and artificial. But with time, the pigment lightens, and it looks just like your natural brow. You can expect it to blend in after a few weeks.

But, indeed, your eyebrows will always look done and ready after microblading.

It’s for everyone

Many things go on a microblading process – like, the fitness of your skin, your age, skin sensitivity, quality of your skin, etc. These are important for determining the safety and effectiveness of the process.

But it also means that microblading is not for everyone. Many artists don’t recommend it if you have thinner blood. Sensitive skin, especially, doesn’t do well with the pigment.

The process involves a blade

While the process is known as microblading and the tool looks like a blade from an angle, it doesn’t involve a blade. The tool is a construction of many needles together, which helps the pigments in being deposited to the patient’s skin.

Tiny needles are used for drawing natural-looking strokes that would look like real brows.


While microblading is a great way to avoid investing time in doing it every day, or even if you are not happy with your natural brows, only regular touch up will keep it the same every day or permanently.

Stroke Of Genius Microblading offers microblading services with up 6 weeks of touch up sessions for one price. You will also have the safest sessions as the company hires skilled artists for their eyebrow microblading services.

Should I Invest in Eyebrow Microblading? Are There Any Perks? Let’s Dig Deep!

By Nov 11, 2021

Hey, have you ever pondered about what perfectly shaped eyebrows will look like? Well, if the answer is no, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will shed some light on how beneficial perfect eyebrows are? And how microblading your eyebrows can save you time and effort daily in the morning? So, keep reading to learn and know more.

The Perks Of Perfect Eyebrows With Eyebrow Microblading Service-

1. Save Plenty of time in the morning: Without a doubt, for tons of females, putting on make-up consumes a lot of time as well as energy in the morning, But with microblading, you can easily eliminate the part where you need to spare time to fill your eyebrows or perform a last-minute tweezing to get a proper look.

 2. Money-saviour: Have you ever thought about how much money you actually spend on brow pencils, eyebrow waxing, shaping, brushes, and tweezing every year? Well, if you invest that whole amount for eyebrow microblading services, you will understand that investment in microblading is worthy of your every single penny.

 3. Zero Maintenance: This is one of the biggest advantages of eyebrow microblading. Once you get your procedure done, you can live your life without worrying if your eyebrows are looking perfect or not.

 4. Water-resistance: Unlike eye-pencil, and other cosmetic products, microblading does not smudge or smear meaning, you can enjoy your outdoor and indoor water sports activities such as swimming, diving, etc.

 5. Natural-looking results: Whether you believe it or not, it is almost impossible to tell a difference between a microbladed eyebrow and a natural eyebrow.

6. Long-lasting outcomes: Eyebrow micro-blading is a non-invasive session that provides perfects brows for up to 24 months. In addition to this, your microbladed eyebrows will remain in the shape and size.

 7. A simple way to regain eyebrows: For those who have lost their eyebrows because of medical conditions such as alopecia, or chemotherapy, this microbladding is apt to assist them to regain natural-looking eyebrows and keep their dignity at the time of difficulty. You can get perfectly shaped brows with this non-invasive, virtually painless procedure. Needless to say, Microblading is entirely safe and has no side effects.

8. The colors of the brows will not get fade or change color: You may have seen many people with red or odd-colored eyebrows. At Stroke of Genius, the microbladding pigments are natural and specially formulated not to change color.

 9. You will have an eyebrow blueprint: Once you are done with your microblading procedure, you do not have to worry about getting a different artist down the road. Going to the same artist ensures the work will look good. As they know their own work.

For any further assistance, book an appointment with an experienced permanent makeup artist today.

Does Microblading Your Eyebrows Cause Any Pain Or Discomfort?

By Oct 26, 2021

Do you have thin or light-colored eyebrows and wish that you can somehow thicken them? Or do you suffer from one of the medical conditions that involve eyebrow hair loss such as alopecia? Well, fortunately enough, there is a procedure known as microblading that grants your wish to have thicker and better eyebrows. All you have to do is find a reliable eyebrow microblading service that guarantees high-quality results.

What is microblading?

Some of you might have already heard of microblading but for those who don’t know anything about it, microblading may be defined as a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that is used to fill in thin eyebrows in order to make them appear fuller and thicker, and that too in a natural way. This procedure involves the use of a hand held bladed tool which makes strokes that resemble real hair strokes. 

This tends to provide you with a natural-looking feathery eyebrow that you have been wishing for, and its results can last for as long as 3 years but best to get them done yearly as they fade over time. 

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, that is, does this procedure hurt or not? 

Well, as the name of the procedure suggests, microblading is a procedure that involves having several tiny cuts made on your brow line. Just like a tattoo, all these tiny cuts tend to break the skin in order to fill it with a pigment. Most of the practitioners use an anesthetic before starting the procedure and numb the area completely. So, rather than feeling the pain from the cutting of the blade, you are more likely to feel just the pressure of the microblading tool that would be on your face, or you might only feel a scratching sensation every now and then.

However, if no anesthetic is used, the pain can be a whole lot worse, especially if you have low pain tolerance. To put it into words, the procedure might feel like something is scratching your skin constantly. Hence, it is important that you discuss the use of an anesthetic with your practitioner before beginning the procedure.

Some things to keep in mind before your appointment

• You should make sure to avoid tanning or sunbathing for a few days prior to the procedure.

• You should not indulge in laser sessions, chemical peels, or any other facial sessions a few weeks before your appointment.

• On the day of the procedure, make sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine and other blood thinners. 

• A week prior stop using Retin-A 

By keeping in mind these steps and following them till the day of your procedure, you are likely to feel way less pain or irritation during your appointment.

Microblading Aftercare: How to Care for Your Eyebrows after Microblading Treatment

By Oct 08, 2021

Microblading aftercare plays a key role in how your microblading eyebrows would turn up after the healing is complete. Would they be a total disaster or a blessing? This question keeps coming into the mind of women after they receive the microblading session. If you too have recently signed up for the eyebrow microblading service and undergone the session, then you certainly need this microblading post care guide.

Our Guide to Eyebrow Microblading Aftercare

No contact with water, lotion, soap, or makeup

First of all, you need to make sure that your eyebrow area must not come into contact with water, lotion, soap, or any makeup product during the first 7-10  days after the microblading procedure. Healing time varies from person to person. Could be shorter or longer span. 

Thus, whenever you want to wash your face, be extra careful. When taking a shower, keep the showerhead away from your face. Alternatively, you can take a bath in a bathtub or use a bucket and mug for cleansing to ensure that water doesn’t get in touch with your eyebrow area.

No touching, picking or scratching on the treated brow area

Itching and flaking may appear during the first week of the post microblading procedure. It is strictly recommended to avoid picking or scratching. Otherwise, you may end up pulling off scabs prematurely that can lead to patchy results or evens scarring.  

Avoid Certain Activities Post Microblading Procedure

For at least two weeks, you should avoid any activity that puts strain on your brow and head area or causes sweating or increased blood flow in that area. Some of the activities that might not be safe for your eyebrows during the initial days after microblading are:

• Strenuous exercises that cause sweating

• Practicing sports or games

• Swimming

• Hot sauna, hot bath, or Jacuzzi

• Sun tanning or salon tanning

• Exposure to UV/UVA rays

• Exposure to chemicals

• Picking, peeling, or scratching in the treated area

• Household tasks, such as intensive cleaning, in areas where there is a lot of dirt or airborne debris

• Drinking alcohol because it may lead to slow healing of wounds

• Driving in open vehicles that expose you to air, such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles

• Any laser sessions, chemical sessions, peelings, or any creams that contain Retin-A or glycolic acid on the session area

• Touching the treated area (use cotton swab when applying ointment or clean it from the brow area)

In case you happen to face any problem or unexpected issue with the healing after using eyebrow microblading service, please don’t hesitate or wait to consult your microblading artist to discuss further instructions. If you follow the microblading aftercare instructions properly and don’t do any activity that might affect the treated brow area, then you are least likely to experience any problem regarding healing of your microblading eyebrows.

Top Three Permanent Makeup Trends Women Must Be Aware of in 2021

By Aug 05, 2021

Being beautiful is a subjective term; its meaning varies from one person to another. While every woman is beautiful in her own right, enhancing facial features is something that gives women more confidence and makes them feel better about themselves. So, if you are someone who loves to stay on top of cosmetic beauty trends, you have come to the right place.

We have reached the mid of 2021 and what we are noticing from social media and personal assessment is that permanent makeup is all the rage these days. After being cooped for more than a year in homes, women are showing more interest in permanent makeup to lift their spirits and have more reasons to smile.

Today, we are going to share the top three permanent makeup trends that can enhance your overall look and leave you rejuvenated.

Eyebrow Microblading – for fuller and beautiful eyebrows

The number of requests for eyebrow microblading is growing each year significantly. Your eyebrows are the part of your face that you and people around you notice subconsciously. While short, thin, and sparse eyebrows don’t make that much impression, finely shaped, thicker, and fuller eyebrows transform your look substantially. Although microblading is semi-permanent makeup, people usually call it permanent because of its effects that last for around 12 months or more.

During the microblading procedure, an artist draws the shape and transfers the pigments through a handheld device equipped with several micro-needles (as discussed before the procedure). Once your eyebrows are healed, you will have insta-worthy, beautiful eyebrows that enhance your overall facial appearance.

Worried about pain? To make you feel super comfortable and relaxed, artists use topical numbing creams so that you don’t feel pain during the procedure. To ensure proper healing, artists also provide some aftercare instructions.  

So, if you are dissatisfied with your current eyebrows, you can consult with a certified and experienced microblading artist near you.

Lip Blushing – for plumper lips with the shade of your choice

The recent addition to trending permanent makeup is lip blushing. Lip blushing is the right makeup choice for all women who want to color-correct their lip, fine-tune their lip shape, or make their lips fuller. Unlike fillers, lip blushing not only adds volume to your lips but also adds the desired color.

Since lips are naturally more sensitive than any other body parts, artists apply numbing cream before the procedure and also recommend taking prescribed medication to prevent the possibility of cold sores. Lip blushing procedure makes your lip naturally beautiful and also helps cover any imperfections. If you are also obsessed with over-lining your lips and making them beautiful, you should also explore this amazing option.

Permanent Eyeliner – to wake up with the perfect eyeliner look

Permanent eyeliner is for those who want to get rid of all the troubles they face while using eyeliner every day. During this procedure, an artist will place pigments on your lashline to recreate the look of eyeliner. Similar to microblading and lip blushing, it also doesn’t last forever; however, can keep your worries for months. Good aftercare goes a long way when it comes to healing after undergoing the procedure.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to deal with eyeliner every single day or is sensitive to regular makeup, you might be the right candidate for permanent eyeliner.

It’s no doubt that most women splurge a big amount of money on a variety of cosmetic products and still don’t achieve the look they want all time. When you say ‘I want to wake up with this perfect look every day’, the above permanent makeup procedures make the best choice for you.

Microblading: An Effective Procedure to Give You the Desired Results

By Jun 18, 2021

We feel more confident and carry it into every part of our life when we are happy with our appearance. When you feel and look good, it does wonders for your emotional and mental condition.

Microblading is one such technique that can help give the eyebrow you have always wanted. Whether you want a different color, a bolder look, fuller eyebrows, or anything in between, eyebrow microblading service is the right solution.  

How Does Microblading Work?

The microblading process is straightforward. Firstly, you need to have an initial consultation with a specialist. They can help determine:

  1. The best eyebrow shape for you
  2. The color that goes with your hair color
  3. The undertone of your skin

The entire microblading procedure will take 1.5 hours. The professional will thoroughly clean the brow area and then numb it. usually the pain is minimal to nothing. Then the specialist will draw a shape that you approve. Then, a specialist will use a hand-held manual tool to cut tiny hair strokes in your brow skin and fill them with pigment.

Is the Procedure Painful?

In order to keep the pain to a minimum, the professional will numb the targeted area throughout the process. Well, everyone is different. If you’re more sensitive, you may experience a minimal amount of temporary discomfort. Others may not experience pain at all.

How Long Does Microblading Results Last?

Microblading is deemed to be semi-permanent. You should return for a follow-up appointment about 6 weeks after the initial appointment. The microblading can last anywhere from one year to three years. It is better to go to go for your annul session  every year to maintain the look.

There are several reasons people choose microblading to get the best results:

  • Saves Plenty of Morning Routine Time

Most of us spend too much time getting ready in the morning. Many people want to spend that time doing something else, more productive. With microblading, you don’t have to waste your time making sure your eyebrows are on-point, looking perfect.

  • Remedy Hair Loss from Medical Conditions

Conditions like chemotherapy and alopecia can cause hair loss. Microblading is a great solution to offer those who suffered from hair loss a natural-looking eyebrow.

  • No Stress About Smudges

One of the best things about microblading is that it doesn’t smudge or smear. You can do exercise, swimming, and sweat without the need to reapply your make-up.

  • Safe procedure and Low-Maintenance

Microblading is a safe procedure. When done by a specialist, you will experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Because microblading lasts a minimum of a year, it is low maintenance. You don’t need daily touchups.

  • Change of Color

Unlike tattoos, your eyebrows will not change color in microblading. Over time, they will lighten due to loss of saturation. But you don’t have to worry about embarrassing color changes.

If you want to feel your best at any age and receive the highest quality care, look for an established eyebrow microblading service.

Get All Your Doubts Cleared Before Undergoing Eyebrow Microblading Procedure

By May 20, 2021

If you want to use the eyebrow microblading service, you most probably have researched what benefits you will enjoy after microblading your eyebrows. However, some doubts might also be growing in your mind and preventing you from making the final move. Since the effect of microblading lasts anywhere between 10 months to 2 years, all your doubts associated with eyebrow microblading must be eliminated.

So, let’s check out the answers to a few questions that will help you become more confident about eyebrow microblading.

Does microblading ruin your natural eyebrows? Does it inhibit the growth of natural eyebrows?

No, eyebrow microblading service will neither ruin your natural eyebrows nor inhibit their natural growth. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure to get a fuller, thicker, and finely shaped eyebrow look through hair-like strokes made by the artisan with the help of several micro-needles. Eyebrow microblading is a great option if you have sparse eyebrows, over plucked them, or have no brows at all.

This procedure doesn’t have any kind of lasting effect on the way your natural brows grow even if you want to reshape the entire eyebrow. In the same way, this procedure also does not stimulate hair growth. So, if you are one of those people who want to try a new look with your eyebrows or simply want natural-looking fuller eyebrows, eyebrow microblading service is for you.

Do eyebrows grow back after going through microblading?

As mentioned above, microblading is an eyebrow shaping technique to create a fuller look-and-feel in sparse brows. It doesn’t involve hair removal. Instead, this method adds hair strokes where there are none naturally. In short, it doesn’t have any effect on average brow hair growth.

When you scroll through any social media app or site to check the results of eyebrow microblading, you will see endless images of bold, beautiful, and fuller eyebrows. While most women desire to have perfect eyebrows, they also don’t want to take any risks with this important facial feature.

Are there any cons of eyebrow microblading?

To be honest, there is nothing to fear if you are the right candidate for eyebrow microblading and you have chosen an experienced, certified, and skilled eyebrow microblading artist. Usually, there are cons of microblading mostly when you are unlucky enough to choose an inexperienced artist.

The eyebrow microblading procedure is done with a blade that consists of several micro-needles. While making strokes, this blade cuts into the skin to deposit the pigments. Based on the sparseness of an individual’s eyebrows, one session may require hundreds of strokes to be made.

If the person who is doing microblading is not well-trained, they might cut too deep or skip important sterilization steps which can lead to infection. This is the worst-case scenario one can face.

That’s why we always recommend you to use eyebrow microblading service at only reputed beauty salons where microblading artists have received the proper qualifications in this field, microblading certification, blood borne pathogen certification, and have earned rich experience. You don’t have to worry as long as you have made the right choice of microblading artist.

Three different ways to get Thicker Eyebrows

By Mar 09, 2021

It’s no secret that we all love perfectly shaped eyebrows and how they beautifully enhance our look. No matter if you are a busy working woman or a housewife, having bold beautiful eyebrows makes you feel good about your appearance, which in turn, increases your confidence. Sadly, not every woman can claim that she has fuller and thicker brows in the desired shape. To make brows look perfect, you either need to rely on your daily brow makeup or make frequent visits to your salon.

Today, we will talk about natural remedies and beauty sessions that can help you flaunt stronger and thicker eyebrows.

1. Use suitable oil to nourish your eyebrows

Oils are counted as the oldest and most effective remedy to get thicker eyebrows. Oils, such as castor oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, and olive oil are known to be enriched with nutrients like proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Therefore, these oils are known to stimulate eyebrow hair growth and increase brow hair thickness.

Massaging oil into your eyebrows with your fingertips helps in nourishing your brow hair follicles. Oil massaging can ensure that each hair strand of your eyebrow is thick and strong. Wait for at least half an hour or leave it for the night (based on which oil you are using) and then remove the oil with warm water or makeup remover. You can also use aloe vera to promote hair growth in your eyebrows. With this remedy, you need patience to see significant results.

2. Apply Eyebrow Growth Serum

Alternatively, you can apply eyebrow growth serum that contains peptide complex, fortifying proteins, vitamins, and nourishing ingredients that condition your brow hair. Using eyebrow growth serum daily will support the natural hair renewal cycle of your eyebrows. Within a month, you should be able to see a difference in the amount and strength of brow hairs.

3. Eyebrow Microblading Session

Are you tired of trying different kinds of remedies but still didn’t get desired results? Do you want to enhance your brow look instantly? Do you want to wake up every morning with a perfect eyebrow look? If yes, then you should seek eyebrow microblading services to get the desired brow look.

This session is perfect for all those individuals who have sparse and thin eyebrows and also for those who have thicker eyebrows but not in good shape. Your eyebrow artist will discuss which brow shape and shade will suit your face the best and once things are in agreement, they start the procedure.

During this procedure, the artist will use a special tool with microneedles to etch the pigment underneath your brow skin while drawing precise hair strokes to get a long-lasting fuller and beautiful eyebrow effect.

With scheduled follow-ups and best practices, you can enjoy the new look of your eyebrow for about 1 to 2 years. The session may sound expensive at first but when you will compare it with long-term benefits and the convenience you enjoy, the session cost will seem worth it.

Even if your chosen oil or serum won’t work for you, eyebrow microblading is something that you can rely on to get natural-looking thicker and perfectly-shaped eyebrows.

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