Permanent Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee: Get Rid of That Tattoo

By Apr 11, 2024

A lot of us have been there with that spur-of-the-moment tattoo decision that made perfect sense at the time but now just doesn’t feel right anymore. Whether it’s an ex’s name permanently etched on your skin, an old logo or symbol that no longer represents who you are, or just some ink that simply doesn’t fit your current style and aesthetic – it can be really frustrating to be stuck with a tattoo that you wish you could just erase.

The good news is that with the help of the expert team at Strokes of Genius Microblading ‘s permanent tattoo removal in Kissimmee, you can finally say goodbye to that unwanted tattoo for good through their specialized permanent tattoo removal services.

Painless Tattoo Removal is Possible!

Using a gentle, natural saline solution, the professionals at Strokes of Genius are able to safely and effectively fade away unwanted tattoos over the course of just a few treatment sessions. Unlike the intense heat and energy of laser tattoo removal, this saline-based approach is much gentler on the skin, causing minimal discomfort in the process.

How Does Saline Tattoo Removal Work?

The process begins with a thorough consultation at Strokes of Genius’ state-of-the-art studio in Kissimmee. Their experienced artist will carefully evaluate the size, location, and color of your tattoo to develop the most effective removal plan for your unique needs.

During each treatment session, a small amount of saline solution is gently injected into the tattooed area. This solution works to gradually draw out the tattoo pigment from your skin. Over the course of some sessions scheduled a few weeks apart, you’ll see your unwanted ink gradually fade away until it’s completely gone. The ink may come out in one session, or it may take multiple sessions. It’s hard to know how many sessions are needed.

The saline solution causes very little discomfort – usually just a slight pinching or stinging feeling, similar to what you’d experience when getting a new tattoo. And unlike other removal methods, you won’t have to worry about any significant downtime, as you can immediately return to your normal daily activities.

Why Choose Saline Tattoo Removal?

In addition to the gentle, pain-free process, saline removal offers several key benefits that make it an excellent choice:

  • It’s generally more affordable than laser treatments, making it accessible to a wider range of people.
  • The natural saline solution avoids damaging the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in a more even and natural-looking fading of the tattoo. No scarring whatsoever.
  • You can resume your daily routine immediately after each session, without having to take time off.
  • Strokes of Genius has extensive experience safely removing all types and sizes of unwanted tattoos.

Get Ready to Reclaim Your Skin in Kissimmee

If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious or unhappy about an old tattoo that no longer feels like a true reflection of who you are, it’s time to take back control of your skin. Contact the team at Strokes of Genius Microblading today to schedule your consultation for permanent tattoo removal in Kissimmee. Say goodbye to that unwanted ink and hello to the clear, confident skin you desire.

Advanced Permanent Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee

By Mar 14, 2024

Are you tormented by permanent ink blunders on your skin? Saline tattoo removal – a revolutionary service in Kissimmee erases regrettable body art gently and precisely. Strokes of Genius Microblading uses this innovative technique to surpass harsh traditional methods, resulting in exceptional comfort and flawless results.

The Sublime Saline Solution

Using the power of nature, a sterile saline solution can remove stubborn pigments without causing any pain. When skillfully injected into tattooed areas by expert hands, this powerful yet gentle liquid gradually lifts the ink particles over time. This innovative method is a seamless blend of natural elements and advanced technical artistry.

Strokes of Genius uses the outstanding “A+ OCEAN,” to achieve full saline removal effectiveness. Say goodbye to painful lasers, scratches, and persistent discomfort. You don’t need to suffer undue trauma to restore a flawless complexion.

Practically Painless Perfection

Saline removal’s attractive qualities? Its extremely comfortable application avoids laser treatments mandating numbing cream usage. Most recipients report an almost entirely pain-free experience throughout this process. The gentle injection flow soothes and leaves the skin refreshed, not irritated.

Saline tattoo removal offers powerful results while drastically reducing the scarring and skin trauma risks caused by harsher techniques. Talented artists promote smooth, accurate ink removal without excessive stress on the skin.

Reclaiming Clear Skin

This versatile saline solution is ideal for removing nearly any unwanted tattoo and offers a variety of options:

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee frees you from microbladed brow blunders. You can also regain your natural lips through Permanent Lip Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee.

That unsuitable name, symbol, or design fades away effortlessly thanks to Saline permanent tattoo removal.

The Strokes of Genius Microblading Distinction

When you want the best tattoo removal in Kissimmee, come to Strokes of Genius Microblading. We only use the top “A+ OCEAN” saline solutions. This means you get excellent care and amazing results. our prices are custom-made for the size and complexity of your tattoo, so you won’t have any surprise costs.

Each person is different, but our experienced team makes sure your investment in getting a fresh start is worth every penny. They will meet with you to make a personal plan targeting just the ink you want removed. This brings back your natural beauty without too much discomfort.

A Fresh Start Awaits

Are you finally ready to gently yet effectively get rid of those permanent tattoo mistakes? Then discover the amazing saline tattoo removal in Kissimmee at Strokes of Genius Microblading! At your consultation, we will open up new possibilities with a customized plan to remove the tattoo.

Starting your tattoo removal journey begins an exciting personal transformation. Strokes of Genius Microblading will skillfully guide you through the whole process. We support both emotional and physical changes. Letting go of those permanent ink blunders will give you a profound sense of freedom – an empowering rebirth celebrating the real you.

Trust our respected Kissimmee studio to expertly lead your fresh start. Our unique saline method allows you to express your authentic self and pure self-love. It’s your chance to rediscover your true essence by finally erasing those past mistakes. An amazing new chapter awaits!

What to Know Before Getting Eyeliner Tattoo in Windermere?

By Mar 05, 2024

If you’re tired of smudged eyeliner or the hassle of applying it daily, then eyeliner tattooing may be the perfect solution for you. This semi-permanent makeup procedure offers the convenience of long-lasting eyeliner without the need for daily application. However, before you book your appointment for the best eyeliner tattoo in Windermere, there are several important factors to consider.

Understanding the Procedure

  1. Consultation: Before undergoing an eyeliner tattoo procedure, it’s essential to schedule a consultation with a qualified and experienced permanent makeup (PMU) artist. During the consultation, you can discuss your desired eyeliner look, skin type, and any concerns or questions you may have. The artist will also assess your skin and determine the most suitable technique and pigment color for your eyeliner tattoo.
  2. Preparing for the Procedure: In preparation for your eyeliner tattoo appointment, it’s important to follow any pre-procedure instructions provided by your PMU artist. This may include avoiding caffeine and alcohol consumption, discontinuing the use of certain skincare products, and avoiding blood-thinning medications to minimize the risk of bleeding and ensure optimal results.

Benefits of Eyeliner Tattooing in Windermere

  1. Time-Saving: One of the primary benefits of eyeliner tattooing is the time saved on daily makeup application. With a professionally applied eyeliner tattoo, you can wake up each day with beautifully defined eyes without the need for eyeliner pencils or liquid liners.
  2. Long-Lasting Results: Unlike traditional makeup that may smudge or fade throughout the day, eyeliner tattooing provides long-lasting results that can withstand water, sweat, and oil. This makes it an ideal option for individuals with active lifestyles or those who want to maintain a polished appearance at all times.

Choosing the Right Artist

  1. Qualifications and Experience: When selecting a PMU artist for your eyeliner tattoo procedure, it’s important to choose someone who is licensed, trained, and experienced in performing permanent makeup procedures. Look for artists who have a portfolio of previous work, positive reviews from satisfied clients, and a clean and professional studio environment.
  2. Technique and Style: Different cosmetic artists may specialize in different eyeliner tattoo techniques and styles, so it’s essential to find an artist whose technique and aesthetic align with your preferences. Whether you prefer a bold and dramatic eyeliner look or want a more natural and subtle enhancement, you should choose an artist who can customize the procedure to achieve your desired outcome.
  3. Consultation and Communication: Effective communication with your cosmetic artist is key to ensuring that you achieve the eyeliner look you desire. During the consultation process, be open and honest about your expectations, concerns, and preferences. A skilled and attentive PMU artist will listen to your input, provide expert advice, and work collaboratively with you to create the perfect semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo.


Getting a natural eyeliner tattoo in Windermere can offer the convenience of long-lasting eyeliner without the need for daily application. By understanding the procedure, considering the risks and considerations, and choosing the right PMU artist, you can achieve beautiful and natural-looking eyeliner that enhances your eyes and simplifies your beauty routine.

How Much Does Saline Tattoo Removal Cost in Windermere?

By Mar 05, 2024

If you have an unwanted tattoo you want removed, you may be wondering about the cost of tattoo removal in Windermere. There are several tattoo removal methods available, but one of the best and most affordable is the saline tattoo removal technique. In this blog, we’ll cover which is the preferred tattoo removal method in Windermere and how much you can expect to pay for saline tattoo removal.

Which Is the Best Tattoo Removal in Windermere?

When it comes to getting a tattoo removed in Windermere, saline tattoo removal is widely considered the best option. It is an FDA-approved procedure that uses a natural saltwater solution to break down and remove unwanted ink from the skin.

Saline tattoo removal tends to be a preferred method over older tattoo removal techniques like laser removal. Laser removal uses intense light to try to break up the ink particles. However, it can be quite painful, take many sessions, and often leave scars. Results also vary based on the ink colors.

With saline tattoo removal, the process is gentle yet highly effective at removing all ink colors with minimal side effects. There is little to no scarring and less pain, and tattoos can typically be removed in just a few sessions spaced a month or two apart.

Cost of Saline Tattoo Removal in Windermere

One of the biggest advantages of saline tattoo removal is that it is very affordable compared to laser removal and other methods. The exact cost can depend on factors like:

  • Size of the tattoo
  • Colors in the tattoo
  • Location on the body
  • Number of sessions needed

However, for a small to medium sized tattoo removal in Windermere, saline removal generally starts around $299 for the first session in the Windermere area.

So for a simple 3″ x 3″ tattoo in black ink, you might pay around $500 to $700 total for full removal of that tattoo size when choosing the saline method.

For larger tattoos, the cost does increase but it is still much cheaper than laser tattoo removal, which can cost thousands for a large piece. Saline tattoo removal prices are extremely affordable, especially considering the superior results.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Windermere

Saline tattoo removal is actually ideal for delicate areas like eyebrows. The gentle process allows for the safe removal of permanent eyebrow tattoos without damaging the sensitive facial area. Prices for eyebrow tattoo removal in Windermere start at around $299 for saline removal in Windermere.

If you have a tattoo you regret, don’t settle for an expensive and harsh laser removal. Saline tattoo removal in Windermere provides permanent ink removal at a lower cost in just a few easy sessions. Many reputable tattoo studios in Windermere are offering this affordable and effective solution.

What is the Lip Blush Process?

By Jan 25, 2024

Have you ever wished your lips had a natural rosy color? Are you tired of reapplying lip color throughout the day? Then a lip blush may be right for you. This semi-permanent makeup treatment enhances your natural lip color while producing results that last for years. Keep reading to learn all about the lip blush treatment in the Windermere process and its benefits.

What is Lip Blush?

Lip blush, also known as lip tattoos, is a cosmetic procedure that deposits pigment into your lips. A technician uses a handheld device with an attached sterile needle to gently apply color along the borders of your lips and throughout the entire lip area. The result is lips with greater definition and vivid color that looks like a youthful flush.

How Long Does It Last?

One of the best aspects of lip blush is its longevity. The deposited lip pigment will fade slightly over time, but the results can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Some periodic touch-up appointments help maintain the color. But you can enjoy significantly extended wear compared to traditional lipstick applications.

The Lip Blush Process: Step-by-Step

The lip blush process involves just a few straightforward steps:

Cleansing and Topical Numbing: Your technician will first cleanse your lip area to maximize pigment absorption. A topical numbing agent is applied so you remain comfortable.

Color Selection: You’ll select your desired shade from a range of natural pinks and reds or custom blended options. Consider lighter colors for a natural look or deeper reds for a dramatic look. Make sure the color you select complements your skin tone.

Pigment Application: Using a digital tattooing device, the technician applies the selected lip color along your lip line and over your entire lips. This hand method allows precise control for beautifully defined and colored lips.

Healing: Immediately after your session, your lips will appear darker than the final result. Any initial heaviness and swelling go away after a week. Over the next 4-6 weeks, the color will soften to reveal your fresh lip blush color.

Benefits of Lip Blush

This semi-permanent makeup treatment comes with many benefits:

  • Saves time on your beauty routine – no need for constant lip lining and coloring!
  • Looks beautiful and natural – customized color is used to complement your skin tone
  • Color lasts 2-5 years, depending on skin type and aftercare
  • Defined shape and youthful rosy hue
  • Little to no downtime or negative side effects
  • Increased self-confidence in your appearance

Caring for Your New Lips

Proper aftercare is important for the best results from your lip blush treatment. Be sure to follow all your technician’s advice, such as:

  • Avoid sun exposure to minimize color fading
  • Use a balm and avoid licking your lips while healing
  • Follow any guidance on icing and massage to reduce swelling
  • Refrain from applying makeup/skincare products directly on treated lips at first
  • With appropriate aftercare, your gorgeous lip color can last for years!

Is Lip Blush Right for You?

If you want to flaunt perfect lips at all times, then lip blush is an excellent option. Get the best blush treatment in Windermere. Contact Strokes of Genius Microblading to get more information and make an appointment today.

What Are the Benefits of Saline Tattoo Removal in Orlando?

By Jan 18, 2024

Embarking on the journey to remove a tattoo is a significant decision and the method you choose. In the vibrant city of Orlando, saline tattoo removal has emerged as a popular and effective choice for those looking to bid farewell to unwanted ink. Let’s explore the benefits of opting for saline eyebrow tattoo removal in Orlando and why it’s making waves in the Orlando tattoo removal scene.

Understanding Saline Tattoo Removal

Commencing with the fundamentals, saline tattoo removal can be likened to a rejuvenating spa day for the skin. This technique involves using a saltwater solution to gradually and gently lift tattoo pigment from the skin over time. Unlike other methods, it prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness without the use of harsh chemicals or laser technology, allowing the skin to undergo a gradual transformation.

Gradual Fading for a Natural Look

An exemplary feature of saline tattoo removal is its gradual fading effect. This ensures a natural transition, free from abrupt changes or surprises. The process unfolds progressively, akin to bidding farewell to an old tattoo in chapters, allowing the skin to naturally return to its original state. The outcome is a more natural appearance that evolves gradually with each session.

Skin-Friendly Solution: Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

Designed with sensitivity in mind, saline removal emerges as a skin-friendly alternative, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin. By utilizing a gentle saltwater solution, the process offers a soothing experience without unnecessary drama. This approach prioritizes the well-being of the skin, ensuring a comfortable removal process without the application of harsh chemicals.

Comfort Over Pain: Numbing Agents Not Required

Contrary to the reputation of painful tattoo removal sessions, saline removal provides a comfortable experience without the need for numbing agents. This method is comparable to having a pleasant conversation with the skin, minimizing discomfort and making each session a breeze.

No Laser, No Problem: Safe for All Skin Types

In contrast to removal methods involving lasers, saline tattoo removal is considered a safe option for individuals of all skin types. Its universal applicability is akin to selecting a universally flattering solution, ensuring effectiveness whether one has fair skin or a melanin-rich complexion. Saline removal stands as an inclusive path to tattoo freedom.

Pregnancy-Friendly Tattoo Removal

Saline tattoo removal extends its versatility to being a pregnancy-friendly option. This choice ensures a safe and gentle experience for individuals who are either expecting or planning to expand their families. The process aligns with the principles of safety and compatibility with the skin’s well-being, even during this special period in one’s life.

Freedom to Redesign: Facilitating Cover-Up Options

For those considering a cover-up or desiring a new design to replace an existing tattoo, saline removal serves as a strategic ally. By lightening the original pigment, it provides a clean slate for a tattoo artist’s creativity to shine. This process ensures optimal conditions for crafting a vibrant and appealing cover-up design.

Healing Both Physically and Emotionally

Saline tattoo removal in Orlando acknowledges the emotional journey that often accompanies the process of removing a tattoo. Beyond physical transformation, this method contributes to emotional healing, acting as a supportive friend guiding individuals through the transition. It facilitates a journey of self-discovery and self-love, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of tattoo removal.

The Beauty of Patience: Progress with Each Session

Patience is celebrated as a virtue in saline tattoo removal. The gradual fading process allows individuals to appreciate progress with each session, akin to witnessing the changing colors of a beautiful sunset. This approach transforms tattoo removal into a journey worth savoring, emphasizing the significance of patience throughout the transformation.

Saying Goodbye Without Regrets: The Versatility of Saline

Saline tattoo removal provides individuals with the freedom to bid farewell to a tattoo, whether it be a name, symbol, or design that no longer resonates. It enables a graceful closure of a chapter, allowing individuals to move forward with a clean canvas and a newfound sense of liberation, free from regrets.


Saline eyebrow tattoo removal in Orlando stands as a versatile and professional option for individuals seeking a fresh start and liberation from their previous ink choices. From its gradual fading effect to its skin-friendly attributes, saline removal prioritizes comfort and effectiveness. If you are prepared to part with the old and embrace the new, consider saline tattoo removal as your avenue to tattoo liberation.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner Last?

By Jan 11, 2024

Eyeliner is an essential part of makeup routines, but applying it every day can be tedious. That’s where semi-permanent tattoo eyeliner comes in handy! This cosmetic tattooing procedure in Orlando delivers beautiful, defined eyes that last longer than traditional eyeliner applications.

What is Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

Semi-permanent eyeliner, also known as eye tattooing, involves tattooing pigment onto the lash line and eyelid using a handheld machine with sterile needles. The technician injects the pigment into the upper layers of skin, resulting in crisp, lush eyeliner that enhances your eyes’ natural shape. Unlike body tattoos, semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos gradually fade over time.

How Long Does it Last?

So how long will your new semi-permanent eyeliner last in Orlando? Most technicians estimate touch-ups are needed every 1 to 3 years to maintain the look. However, many factors affect longevity:

Skin Type: Dry or oily skin impacts how quickly the pigment fades. Oily skin tends to require more frequent touch-ups.

Pigment Color: Darker pigments, like black and brown, typically last longer than lighter colors.

Sun Exposure: UV rays can speed up fading, so always wear SPF!

Chemical Peels & Laser: In-office skin treatments remove layers of skin, causing the pigment to fade faster.

Eyelid Location: Ink on the upper lashline tends to last longer than on the lower waterline.

Lifestyle: Swimming, sweating, eyelid scrubbing, and makeup removers also impact retention.

The Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Now that you know it lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 years, what’s the process of getting semi-permanent eyeliner in Orlando like? From start to finish, the procedure takes one to two hours. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Consultation to select shape, color, and thickness of liner
  • Numbing cream applied to eyelids
  • The technician tattoos pigment along the upper lashline with a handheld machine
  • Touch-ups and adjustments made to achieve the desired look
  • An ice pack is applied to soothe and reduce swelling
  • Avoid getting your eyelids wet for 24 hours post-procedure

Caring for Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Once you get your semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo in Orlando, follow these tips to help it last as long as possible:

  • Avoid tanning beds and use SPF 30+ daily to protect from sun fading
  • Be gentle when cleansing eyelids and do not scrub
  • Use antioxidant serums and creams to nourish skin and pigment
  • Stay hydrated and moisturize your skin daily
  • Avoid picking at scabs during the healing process
  • Try to minimize oiliness with skin care products if you have oily skin
  • Hold off on chemical peels or laser treatments near the eye area
  • If you undergo procedures like MRI scans, tell your provider that you have eye tattoos
  • See your eyeliner artist promptly when you notice fading for a touch-up
  • Carefully remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid removing permanent pigment

With proper aftercare and maintenance, you can make your semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo in Orlando last as long as possible. The convenience of waking up with perfect eyeliner every day is worth the investment. Contact an experienced eyeliner tattoo artist in Orlando to get started.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Small Tattoo in Windermere?

By Jan 03, 2024

If you have an old eyebrow tattoo that you no longer admire and want to get rid of, the first step you will take is to search for a tattoo removal cost in Windermere and find a tattoo studio that can do the job effectively.

A small tattoo removal in Windermere can cost you around $250-$299, but it depends on various factors, such as how deep the last tattoo artist went, what ingredients and pigmentations were used, or how long you get the tattoo done. These factors can affect the cost of eyebrow tattoo removal in Windermere. Let us look at some more factors that can affect the cost of eyebrow tattoo removal in Windermere.

Factors Affecting the Price to Remove an Eyebrow Tattoo

Type and Complexity of the Tattoo

The cost of tattoo removal in Windermere is substantially influenced by the size and complexity of the brow tattoo. Larger or more intricate tattoos can require more sessions and materials, which could raise the cost. Simpler, smaller tattoos typically cost less to get removed.

Colors of Pigments and Ink Quality

The technique for removing an eyebrow tattoo depends on the color and ink used in the tattoo. Compared to single-color tattoos, multi-colored tattoos could need more sessions to be completely removed. Professional-grade ink may also be more resistant and require more sessions to completely remove due to its excellent quality.

Professionals You Choose

Selecting a qualified expert in eyebrow tattoo removal is essential, so it is advised that you do thorough research so you can get access to the best eyebrow tattoo removal studio in Windermere. When it comes to your safety, it is suggested that you not compromise just for the sake of a few bucks.

Number of Sessions Required for Removing the Tattoo

The process of getting rid of a brow tattoo is slow and sometimes requires several sessions. The number of sessions required varies depending on the size, color, and depth of the tattoo. Be ready for the potential of a number of sessions, each with a separate payment.

Use of Tattoo Removal Method

For removing eyebrow tattoos, cutting-edge laser technologies like Q-switched lasers and saline tattoo removals are quite effective. Although the initial cost of these cutting-edge devices may be expensive, they provide speedier and more successful outcomes, potentially lowering the entire cost over time.

Aftercare Treatment

For a good recovery, adequate aftercare is essential following each treatment. While some professionals may not charge extra for these services, others may include aftercare supplies or instructions in their fees. Additionally, certain tattoos could need additional procedures like numbing or cooling chemicals, which could raise the final cost.

Consultation Fees

Initial consultations are provided by many brow tattoo removal professionals in order to assess the tattoo and determine the tattoo removal cost. While some may offer free consultations, others can demand a fee, which should be taken into account when calculating the final cost.

If you are looking for a tattoo removal studio in Windermere, we suggest you thoroughly research different tattoo studios, the artists, and the methods they use. Also, consider the above factors that can help you get an estimate of tattoo removal costs in Windermere.

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

By Dec 23, 2021

Are you also looking for a solution to get rid of that tattoo? Are you wishing for an undo button in life so that you can go back in time and decide not to go through a painful procedure?

Don’t Worry! There is always a way out. Laser tattoo removal has been the most popular method of tattoo removal until recently since years. But there is even a better solution to remove that unwanted tattoo.

A new technique has evolved in recent years and captured the hearts of the users and tattoo artists due to its several advantages over the traditional techniques. This advanced tattoo removing procedure method is named Saline Tattoo Removal.

Saline Tattoo Removal is a procedure that includes the utilization of the Saline solution to break down the pigments of the tattoo and draw it out of the skin. Tattoo removal works similarly to tattooing and microblading except that it involves drawing the ink out of the skin instead of injecting it beneath.

Saline Tattoo Removal: The Process

  • To begin, a numbing lotion is applied over the skin to assist alleviate any discomfort.


  • The targeted region is then sterilized properly.


  • The target area, with the tattoo is punctured and saline solution is implanted into the skin with the help of a device similar to a tattoo gun.


  • The saline solution begins working by dissolving pigments of the tattoo and the pigment starts coming off the skin through the process of osmosis.


  • The draw pigment then starts forming a scab and the tattoo gets lighter as the scab begins falling off.


  • The healing procedure after a saline tattoo removal takes around 8 to 10 weeks based on the recovery rate of your skin. You might require more than one session to get rid of a tattoo completely but the next session can be done only when the skin is completely healed from the previous one.


Laser Tattoo Removal vs. Saline Tattoo Removal

• Based on the quality and type of ink used in your tattoo, the saline removal approach can be safer. Why is it so? In the saline removal technique, the ink is drawn out of the skin that leads to scar formation that eventually sheds off later. On the other hand, in the laser removal method, the ink is absorbed within the body. Also, saline tattoo removal uses a saline solution that is made of salt and water, which is naturally safe for the skin.

• The saline solution could be more impactful based on the color of your tattoo (particularly if it contains white ink). Laser removal uses certain wavelengths of light that must match the color of the tattoo in order for it to be erased. If the laser does not have that specific color, it may be difficult to erase the tattoo. It always happens with white ink as it reflects all hues and cannot be identified or removed by lasers.

• Also, laser tattoo removal procedures can be substantially more costly than saline tattoo removal.

• A saline tattoo removal is a great option for people with darker or sensitive skin as it is less likely to cause scarring.

Forget not to consult with a dermatologist and pick a reliable professional to get your tattoo removed.

What Should I Do and Not Do After Permanent Lip Blush?

By Aug 26, 2021

Permanent Lip Blush is the hottest trend these days not only among celebrities and social influencers but also among working women, teenagers, and homemakers. After all, who does not love luscious, voluminous, and beautiful peachy lips? J However, many women complaints about not getting desired results after spending big bucks. It often happens because they may have not researched properly before choosing an artist or did not follow lip blush aftercare instructions seriously. Your lip blush post-care can greatly influence the appearance and longevity of your newly tattooed lips.

In this blog, we will discuss permanent lip blush aftercare for all those who have undergone this lip session very recently.

Day 1, 2, and 3:

Right after the procedure of permanent lip blush, your lips will feel excessively dry, chapped, and sensitive to the touch. They may also appear more voluminous and brighter in color. It is because of swelling and freshly planted pigments.

Use ice for ten minutes a few times a day for the first few days. Apply an ointment two to three times as recommended by the professional, such as Shea butter, Burts bees wax to keep your lips moisturized all the time.

Avoid any kissing, rubbing, or friction on your lips. While applying ointment, don’t rub onto the lips. Apply it using a clean Q-tip.

Don’t eat any spicy, salty, oily, or heavily seasoned food and drink with a straw. Also, avoid alcohol. After having a meal, gently rinse and clean lips with water, pat dry and then, re-apply the ointment.

Prefer sleeping on your old pillows for several days because some residual pigment might come off the lips and can cause staining. It is highly recommended to brush your teeth with only water during the first three days.

Day 4, 5, 6, and 7:

In this duration, your lips will go through the phase of peeling. Thus, the color will be faded by 30 to 50 percent depending on how your lip skin reacts to pigments. Don’t pick or scratch your lips to remove peeling forcibly. Let them peel away naturally. Continue to moisturize your lips.

Second Week:

By now, your lips have completed the peeling process, and the color has become light in color. Now, you may return to normal routines. However, still, don’t let your lips face friction. Your lips will keep healing for up to 6 weeks. Every week, more color will surface. However, to get the best results, keep your lips moist till the end of the healing phase. Avoid direct water pressure, pools, and other water bodies until your lips are fully healed.

Up to fourteen days after the session, you must avoid excess sweating, practicing sports, hot bath, sun/salon tanning, sun exposure, laser or chemical session, any cream containing Retin-A or Glycolic acid, heavy household chores, working in a dusty area, and driving in open vehicles.

Sixth to Eighth Week:

Now, your lips will become healed, and you will see the exact result of your lip blush procedure. Just use some lip gloss and you are ready to go. If your lips are still dry, keep moisturizing them.

Usually, it requires two sessions to complete the lip transformation and get excellent results. Be sure to use sun block on your lips after healing. You can start wearing lipsticks after this time and make sure that you use new lipsticks.

Just follow the above instructions, and you will be happy to see how beautifully your lips are transformed. If you notice any symptoms or issues after the procedure, please consult with your artist and physician.

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