5 Reasons Why Saline Method Is the Best Tattoo Removal

By Jul 09, 2024

Do you have a tattoo that no longer appeals to you? Or do you find your tattoo outdated or old? The first thing that will come to mind is getting rid of that tattoo. But how? Well, we know you must be familiar with different tattoo removal methods, but have you heard of saline tattoo removal?

At Strokes of Genius Microblading, we offer the best tattoo removal (saline tattoo removal), with sessions starting at $250.

Saline tattoo removal is considered one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted ink. Let us tell you why. But, before we begin, let us understand saline tattoo removal in more depth.

What Is Saline Tattoo Removal?

Saline tattoo removal is a technique where a saline solution (salt water) is injected into the tattoo. It causes the ink to slowly break down and fade away over time. It’s a pretty cool process, and it’s a lot gentler than some other tattoo removal methods out there.

Saline Tattoo Removal vs. Other Tattoo Removal Methods

There are a few different ways to remove tattoos, like laser removal or surgical removal. But saline tattoo removal stands out because it’s less harsh on your skin. Laser removal can be really painful and even cause scarring or discoloration. Surgical removal is also quite invasive and can leave scars.

Therefore, saline tattoo removal comes out as a non-invasive and the best tattoo removal method.

5 Reasons Why Saline Tattoo Removal Is the Best Method

  1. It’s Gentle: The saline solution is super gentle on your skin, so you don’t have to worry about too much irritation or damage.
  1. Minimal Side Effects: Unlike laser removal, saline tattoo removal has very few side effects. You might experience some redness or swelling, but that’s about it.
  1. Gradual Fading: The tattoo fades gradually over several sessions, which is great if you want to take things slow.
  1. Cost-Effective: Compared to other methods, saline tattoo removal is often more affordable, especially for smaller tattoos.
  1. Safe for All Skin Types: This method is safe for all skin types and colors, making it a great option for everyone.

Visit Strokes of Genius Microblading for Saline Tattoo Removal

If you’re looking for the best place to get tattoo removal through saline, Strokes of Genius Microblading in Florida is an excellent choice. We specialize in saline tattoo removal and are highly experienced in removing cosmetic tattoos on the brows, eyes, lips, and smaller tattoos throughout the body. With skilled technicians using advanced techniques, we ensure safe and effective tattoo removal.

Strokes of Genius Microblading offers the best tattoo removal services in Orlando, Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Windermere, Williamsburg, Lake Buena Vista, and surrounding areas in Florida.

So, there you have it—five solid reasons why saline tattoo removal is the best tattoo removal method out there. If you’re ready to say goodbye to that unwanted ink, consider giving saline tattoo removal a try. Call us at (407) 808-3508 or email us a photo of your tattoo at strokesofgeniusmicroblading@yahoo.com to get a quote.

What is the Best Tattoo Removal Method in Orlando?

By May 31, 2024

If you’re looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo in the Orlando area, one of the best tattoo removal methods to consider is saline tattoo removal. This natural, gentle technique offered by Strokes of Genius Microblading is becoming an increasingly popular choice for permanent tattoo removal.

Unlike harsh laser treatments, saline tattoo removal relies on a simple saltwater solution to break down and remove the ink pigments from your skin over multiple sessions. And compared to some other removal methods, saline is remarkably safe, effective, and pain-free.

How Does Saline Tattoo Removal Work?

The saline removal process is remarkably straightforward. A saline solution made from purified saltwater is injected into the tattoo area using a specialized tattoo machine. Through the scientific principle of osmosis, the hypertonic saline solution causes the tattoo pigments to gradually rise out of the skin’s layers.

Over a series of treatments, carefully spaced out by your artist, more and more pigment is drawn out until the tattoo is completely faded. The saline just naturally draws those stubborn inks out of your skin.

Why Choose Saline for Tattoo Removal in Orlando?

While laser removal is still common, the saline technique has some distinct advantages that make it the best tattoo removal option at Strokes of Genius Microblading. A few key benefits include:

Natural & Safe Ingredients

Unlike laser removal, which uses intense light radiation, saline tattoo removal just uses a mild saltwater solution. This natural approach avoids risks like scarring, hypopigmentation, and other potential side effects.

Minimal Discomfort

Many clients report feeling just a slight cooling, tingling sensation during saline sessions rather than the intense heat and often painful experience of laser removal. Saline is remarkably gentle.

Effective on All Ink Colors

Laser lights can struggle with removing certain ink shades like neon colors. But the saline osmosis process works equally well on all tattoo pigments, making it versatile.

Works for Cosmetic & Permanent Tattoos

Whether you need to remove cosmetic lip, eyeliner, or microblading work or you have an unwanted traditional tattoo, Strokes of Genius Microblading specializes in saline fading for any kind of ink.

The saline tattoo removal process does require some patience, as it works gradually over 3-8 sessions, depending on the size and age of your tattoo. But for many, the natural, low-discomfort approach is worth a longer fading period.

What to Expect During Saline Tattoo Removal

If you opt for saline removal at Strokes of Genius Microblading, you’ll start with a consultation and pricing estimate. Saline tattoo removal cost depends on factors like tattoo size and pigment types, but often ranges from $250-$299 per smaller treatment area.

During each session, you’ll relax as a numbing cream takes effect on the tattoo area. Then your artist will use a specialized tattoo machine to inject the sterile saline solution into the tattooed skin.

The tattoo will appear somewhat redder and raised initially, but should not feel hot or intensely painful like laser removal. Over the next day or two, you’ll see the area darken as pigments begin to rise out of the skin.

Proper aftercare is essential, as you’ll need to let any scabbing heal fully between treatments for maximum ink expulsion. But aside from occasional slight redness or swelling, saline removal has very minimal downtime compared to laser removal.

Over 2-7 monthly treatments (depending on your tattoo), more and more pigment should gradually fade and lighten until you achieve the results you’re looking for.

The Best Tattoo Removal in Orlando

If you’re looking for the best tattoo removal in Orlando that prioritizes your safety, comfort, and naturally fading unwanted ink, consider the saline approach at Strokes of Genius Microblading.

Our skilled artist will guide you through the full saline tattoo removal process. You’ll get to experience this gentle yet effective solution to finally removing cosmetic or regretted permanent tattoos, all without harsh laser exposure.

Wave goodbye to that old tattoo and unveil fresh, unblemished skin with the top saline tattoo removal services in Orlando. Contact Strokes of Genius Microblading today to learn more and get started.

How Much Does Small Tattoo Removal Cost in Orlando?

By May 22, 2024

Have you ever gotten a small tattoo that you later regretted? Maybe it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, or perhaps your tastes have changed over time. Whatever the reason, removing an unwanted tattoo can be a viable option.

When it comes to tattoo removal, various factors play a role. The cost of a small tattoo removal can be different from that of a large tattoo. Let’s discuss how much it can cost to remove a small tattoo in Orlando and what are the factors that affect the cost of any type of permanent tattoo removal.

Cost of Small Tattoo Removal in Orlando

If you’re looking to get rid of a small tattoo in Orlando, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 for a small tattoo removal process. This cost typically covers a single treatment session.

However, some tattoos may need multiple sessions for a successful permanent tattoo removal, which can increase the overall cost of a tattoo removal in Orlando.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Permanent Tattoo Removal:

While the average cost of small tattoo removal in Orlando falls within the $100 to $300 range, several factors can influence the final price for permanent tattoo removal. Here are some of the key considerations:

Tattoo Size: Smaller tattoos generally cost less for permanent tattoo removal than larger ones. The cost is often determined by the square inch or centimeter of the tattoo.

Tattoo Color: Tattoos with darker colors, such as black or blue, are typically easier for permanent tattoo removal and may cost less than those with brighter or more complex colors.

Tattoo Age: Older tattoos tend to be more challenging for permanent tattoo removal, as the ink particles have had more time to settle deeper into the skin. Newer tattoos may be easier and less expensive for small tattoo removal.

Tattoo Location: Tattoos located on areas with thinner skin, such as the wrist or neck, may require fewer treatment sessions and, therefore, cost less for permanent tattoo removal than those on areas with thicker skin, like the back or legs.

Removal Method: Different tattoo removal techniques, such as laser removal or surgical excision, can have varying costs for permanent tattoo removal. Laser removal is generally more expensive but it is also more effective for most small tattoo removal procedures.

It’s important to remember that while the initial cost of small tattoo removal in Orlando may seem high, it’s often a worthwhile investment for those seeking permanent tattoo removal of an unwanted tattoo.

If you’re considering permanent tattoo removal in Orlando for a small tattoo, it’s always best to consult with a reputable tattoo studio that can evaluate your specific situation and provide an accurate cost estimate. With the right professional and a bit of patience, you can say goodbye to that unwanted tattoo through successful small tattoo removal and embrace a fresh start.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo in Kissimmee: 5 Reasons to Get It

By Feb 07, 2024

As any makeup enthusiast in Kissimmee can tell you, it is difficult to keep eyeliner looking flawless from morning coffee to happy hour, even with the greatest of gels, liquids, and pencils. Yet mastering that coveted winged cat eye or barely-there natural lash line enhancements via pencil, liquid liner or eyeshadow demands supreme finesse, endless patience, and often copious do-overs.

What if perfectly outlined eyes no longer required such grueling effort and ongoing frustration? Thanks to advanced permanent makeup procedures like permanent eyeliner tattoos in Kissimmee, which empower women to flaunt gorgeously defined eyes around the clock through pain-free tattoo artistry designed to save vast time while setting free one’s beauty routine.

Below are 5 reasons why you should consider getting a permanent, also known as a semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo in Kissimmee.

Reason 1: It Is a Massive Time Saver

Between washing off yesterday’s faded eyeliners, patiently tracing liner along the lash line, allowing proper dry time before extending your cat’s eye outward and upward, and sealing the deal with shadow or mascara so it stays put, too many precious morning minutes are wasted perfecting lackluster eyes. Permanent eyeliner tattoos in Kissimmee makeup condense flawless eye framing down to zero effort, so you regain time for what truly matters instead.

Reason 2: Hassle-Free Definition That Lasts

While no cosmetic tattoo can legally claim to be “permanent,” a properly formulated eyeliner procedure with quality pigments can deliver spectacular definition unchanged for at least 3 years when performed by a highly skilled artist for permanent eyeliner treatment in Kissimmee. As time progresses and some subtle fading manifests, the shape’s crisp edges still remain visible as your starting point for fast touch-ups.

Reason 3: Major Cost Savings Over Time

When you add up the hours spent perfecting lines every day and the total cost of all the eyeliners you have bought over the course of a few years, you will see that this treatment pays for itself almost immediately in terms of money saved and precious time that can be used elsewhere.

Reason 4: Always Looking Fresh and “On Point”

Forget the perpetually worn, smeared and tired eyeliner look plaguing evenings out. Permanent makeup ensures your eyes will perpetually look like your MUA just walked out the door—without actually requiring one ever again!

Reason 5: Customized Makeup

During initial consultations, artist will collaborate closely with you on creating truly customized enhancements matching your facial features, eye shape, coloration and personal style perfectly for the most flattering, naturally enhanced results possible.

For the right candidate, a permanent eyeliner tattoo in Kissimmee helps unlock an elevated lifestyle free of beauty routine frustration while allowing your eyes’ natural beauty to shine through like never before. Are you ready to define your eyes once and for all? Don’t wait—contact an experienced artist for a free consultation today!

How Much Can a Tattoo Removal Cost in Lake Buena Vista?

By Nov 24, 2023

Do you have a tattoo on your body where it no longer looks cool? Or are you trying to get rid of someone’s name you tattooed on your arm? If yes, then you would be willing to get rid of the tattoos. Well, if you haven’t opted for tattoo removal in Lake Buena Vista before in your life, you might wonder about the tattoo removal cost in Lake Buena Vista.

Well, there are a lot of factors behind tattoo removal that determine its cost. How old is your tattoo? Are you looking for arm tattoos or eyebrow tattoo removal? All of these factors play a big role in deciding the cost of tattoo removal.

We have discussed factors below that play an important role in deciding a tattoo removal cost in Lake Buena Vista.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Tattoo Removal in Lake Buena Vista

Tattoo Size

One of the most important factors influencing the cost of removal is the size of your tattoo. Larger tattoos require more time and resources to fade or completely remove. As a result, removing a full-sleeve tattoo will cost more than a small tattoo removal. Moreover, you cannot compare the cost of two tattoo removal as the location of the tattoo also plays an important role. The cost of wrist tattoo removal can be different from that of eyebrow tattoo removal in Lake Buena Vista

Tattoo Color and Complexity

The colors used in your tattoo also factor into the cost of removal. Dark ink, like black or blue, is typically easier to remove and less expensive. Tattoos with a complex color palette may necessitate additional sessions and, as a result, higher costs. If you have complex tattoos, you must consider visiting a permanent tattoo removal studio in Lake Buena Vista that can remove colored tattoos.

Removal Method: Laser or Other Options

The method you opt for tattoo removal also plays an important role in deciding the cost of your tattoo removal. There are many options available for tattoo removal in Lake Buena Vista, the type of method you choose for yourself will determine your budget.

Location of the Tattoo Studio

The location of the tattoo studio also plays an important role in determining the cost. If the tattoo studio you choose does not have other tattoo removal studios around them, then the cost can be slightly higher than that of a tattoo studio located in the main market with other tattoo studios around.

For a small tattoo removal in Lake Buena Vista, you can expect to spend between $250 to $299. However, this cost can also vary depending on tattoo studios and the factors we have discussed above. To get the best tattoo removal in Lake Buena Vista send us photo of your tattoo.

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Tattoos in Williamsburg?

By Nov 14, 2023

Do you want to get rid of that tattoo that no longer speaks to you? In Williamsburg, where individuality is valued and vibrant streets are abundant, there is an increasing demand for the greatest tattoo removal techniques. Now let us look at how to do permanent tattoo removal in Williamsburg with the help of an amazing method called saline tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal in Williamsburg: A Quick Glance

Tattoo removal has grown into an important service for individuals looking to make a new start in the artistic district of Brooklyn. In the multicultural community of Williamsburg, people have to realize that having a permanent tattoo does not mean that you need to be stuck with it, and there should be a good option to get rid of them when they stop making sense.

Saline Tattoo Removal: The Ultimate Solution

In Williamsburg, saline solution tattoo removal is among the most prevalent permanent tattoo removal techniques. This method offers a safe and efficient substitute for conventional techniques and involves gently fading and removing tattoos using a saltwater solution.

Why Choose Saline Tattoo Removal in Williamsburg?

Taking Skin Sensitivity Into Account

Saline tattoo removal in Williamsburg has many benefits, one of which is its gentleness, which makes it suitable for people with a range of skin sensitivity levels. Saline removal reduces discomfort during the procedure, in contrast to certain other techniques that could irritate the skin.

Side Effects and Allergies

Are allergies or negative reactions a concern for you? Saline tattoo removal is loved for having a low chance of adverse reactions. As the saline solution is hypoallergenic, there are less likely to be adverse reactions, making it safer for members of the diverse Williamsburg community to use.

Flexibility in Tattoo Location and Size

Saline tattoo removal works on tattoos of all shapes and sizes, from covert, small-scale designs to bold ones. Due to its flexibility, it is a great option for Williamsburg residents who want to get rid of tattoos on different parts of their bodies.

Strokes of Genius Microblading: The Best Tattoo Removal in Williamsburg

Selecting the best tattoo removal technique is essential when taking into account the distinctive qualities of Williamsburg’s community. Notably, saline tattoo removal is a mild, practical, and adaptable solution that suits the wide range of tastes in this creative community.

Strokes of Genius Microblading is the best option for you to get the highest quality A + ocean saline tattoo removal, which is the best way to remove your tattoos, be it small unwanted tattoos or eyebrow tattoo removal in Williamsburg.

Our Tattoo Removal Cost in Williamsburg – We offer affordable prices for big or small tattoo removal in Williamsburg. With Strokes of Genius Microblading, you can get tattoo removal done for just $299 per session. (Depending on size could be more)

If you are in Williamsburg, head to the Strokes of Genius Microblading website or contact us at (407) 808-3508 to book an appointment for the best tattoo removal in Williamsburg.

Which Is the Best Method for Tattoo Removal in Orlando?

By Oct 01, 2023

If you have a tattoo that you do not adore anymore or are looking to get rid of, the first thing that will come to mind is getting laser tattoo removal. But when it comes to cities like Orlando, where many other non-laser methods for tattoo removal are available, you must ask yourself again: is laser tattoo removal the only and best tattoo removal in Orlando?

Many tattoo removal artists in Orlando use non-laser methods for tattoo removal; one such option is saline tattoo removal, which is known to remove tattoo ink efficiently and effectively through saline. Let us see more about saline tattoo removal in detail below and find out why saline tattoo removal is considered one of the best tattoo removals in Orlando.

How Does Saline Tattoo Removal Work?

Saline tattoo removal involves inserting a specially designed saline solution over the inked area. This method works by breaking down the pigment and allowing the body to remove it naturally over time. Once the saline is inserted into the skin, it begins working through a process called osmosis.

Osmosis is the flow of a solvent (saline solution) across a semi-permeable membrane (the skin) from a low-concentration location to a high-concentration area (where the tattoo ink is situated). It is said to be a more progressive approach that is gentler on the skin than other techniques.

Why Is the Saline Method the Best Tattoo Removal Method in Orlando?

All Skin Types Are Safe For Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline tattoo removal is safe for all skin types. This procedure is deemed safe and effective regardless of whether you have light or dark skin.

The Saline Method Has Reduced the Risk of Scarring

Unlike some other tattoo removal treatments, saline tattoo removal has a reduced scarring risk. It is the best method for individuals who wish to erase a tattoo without leaving noticeable scars.

There is No Risk of Hypopigmentation When Using Saline

Certain tattoo removal treatments can cause hypopigmentation or a loss of skin color. This danger is reduced with saline removal, making it an ideal alternative for people worried about uneven skin tone.

Saline Tattoo Removal Is a Comfortable Process

Saline tattoo removal is a progressive, comfortable method that allows the body’s natural healing systems to safely erase the ink over time. When compared to more quick removal treatments, this slow fading is typically more comfortable for customers. It also gives experts more control over the procedure, assuring the best outcomes possible.

While some tattoo removal treatments, such as laser removal, can be uncomfortable, saline removal is typically regarded as less unpleasant. Clients frequently report a more pleasant experience, making it a more enticing alternative for those worried about the possible agony of tattoo removal.

Finding the Best Tattoo Removal Artist in Orlando

When it comes to tattoo removal in Orlando, choosing the right method and artist is crucial. If you’re seeking the best tattoo removal in Orlando, consider exploring saline tattoo removal or come to Strokes by Genius Microblading, which has some of the best tattoo removal artists and uses saline for tattoo removal, making the job easier and more cost-effective.

What Is The Tattoo Removal Cost In Orlando?

By Jul 21, 2023

People love tattoos because they enjoy the unique way they help them express themselves.  But sometimes you might not connect with your tattoo’s meaning anymore or change your mind about it. The solution is a tattoo removal procedure. Fortunately, Orlando provides a variety of options for people looking for tattoo removal services. Let’s get to know about the cost of tattoo removal in Orlando, as well as the best tattoo removal methods, permanent tattoo removal, and removal of minor tattoos.

Understand How Tattoo Removal Works

The purpose of tattoo removal is to get rid of unwanted tattoos. There are various options, including saline tattoo removal, laser removal, dermabrasion, and surgical excision. Saline tattoo removal is a method that is gaining popularity because it is a natural, non-laser solution used for tattoo removal. Saline tattoo removal is a technique that involves fading or removing unwanted tattoos with a saline solution. To help in the breakdown of the tattoo pigments, the saline solution is inserted into the skin and the pigment slowly rises to the top through osmosis. For larger tattoos, multiple sessions might be needed. However, for small tattoos, you may need only one session.

Tattoo Removal Cost in Orlando

The price of tattoo removal in Orlando depends on a number of elements, including the –

  • Tattoo size
  • Color
  • Complexity
  • Location
  • Number of sessions needed for full removal

In Orlando, the typical price for tattoo removal sessions can be between $100 and $500.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Orlando

Eyebrow tattoos have become common as a semi-permanent way to improve the appearance of brows. But, if you want to remove an existing tattoo to get another eyebrow tattoo or simple want to remove it, the removal of an eyebrow tattoo in Orlando takes careful thought due to the sensitive nature of the area,.

In Orlando, removing an eyebrow tattoo normally costs $150 to $300 per appointment.

Permanent Tattoo Removal in Orlando

Permanent tattoo removal helps you get rid of your tattoo completely. Even though total tattoo removal might not always be possible, saline tattoo removal helps slowly fade the tattoo.

Permanent tattoo removal in Orlando may cost between $200 and $800 per session. The cost will vary according to the tattoo’s complexity and size.

Small Tattoo Removal in Orlando

Compared to larger tattoos, smaller ones are usually easier and quicker to remove. Small tattoo removal in Orlando normally costs between $100 and $300 per session, which is less expensive. The overall price could still change, though, depending on how many sessions are necessary for full removal.

A tattoo removal decision must be carefully considered. In Orlando, there are many choices for tattoo removal services, including brow tattoo removal, permanent tattoo removal, and minor tattoo removal. The tattoo removal cost in Orlando varies according to your tattoo.

Remember to speak only with trustworthy qualified experts so that you can experience a safe and smooth procedure. Keep in mind that tattoo removal is an investment in getting a new start and a canvas free of ink.


Saline Tattoo Removal: Healing Timeline and Aftercare Procedure

By Dec 12, 2022

Tattoos are one of the most creative ways to express ourselves. You may have liked the ink when you first got it, but for whatever reason, you want it removed now. With so many tattoo removal methods available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. When it comes to tattoo removal, there are several factors to consider, such as the cost of removal, the method that hurts the least, and protection from scarring and pigmentation. Saline Tattoo Removal can be your saviour here!

Tattoo removal is accomplished with a properly produced saline solution like A+ ocean and a coil or rotary tattoo machine in this procedure.

The Procedure:

The artist will go over the tattoo in the same way it was performed, but instead of ink, the produced saline solution will be implanted into the skin. Because the solution is hypertonic, the pigment is drawn to the skin’s surface.  With laser treatments, fading and eradication will take multiple sessions. Typically, it takes an expert no more than 30-45 minutes to complete a task with saline tattoo removal procedure.

The Safest Option

 When Saline Tattoo removal is done in the same way the tattoo was applied, with a natural, non-toxic, non-acidic solution like A+ ocean, the chances of skin and bodily harm are reduced in contrast to other techniques.

Saline removal is the most secure and healthy way of tattoo removal.

Prepare For Your Appointment

 A patch test is not often required for removal. The only exception to this is if you have allergies or a darker skin tone. Darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation. This means that when the skin is broken, it might become substantially darker or lighter than normal.

  • Do not go for a tan for several weeks before your visit
  • Do not exercise on the day of your treatment.
  • You must avoid Retin-A or Retinols for 7 days before your appointment and refrain from using them on or near the area for 30 days afterward.
  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not advised to receive this treatment.

Healing Timeline and Aftercare Process

The following is a timeline for the saline tattoo removal healing process:

On the day of your procedure: The affected area is painful and may feel burnt. It may appear red and bloated.

First several days: The region will scab over during the first few days.

One week later: The wound is still scabbed over.

Two weeks later: The scab has most likely fallen off two weeks later. As it heals, the skin remains pink or discolored and appears fragile.

One month later: The skin returns to normal.

Two months later: The region has ideally entirely healed and is ready for the next session.

  • Avoid covering the area (unless you work in a place with a higher risk of infection, like a hospital).
  • While the region heals, let it heal alone. It should not be washed or picked at.
  • Lotions and soaps should be avoided.
  • Keep the area away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid activities that produce sweating and submerging the affected area in water until the scab has entirely fallen off.
  • Allow the scab to fall off naturally.
  • After the scab has fallen off, apply vitamin E oil as suggested by your specialist.


If you want your tattoo to be removed, make an appointment with Strokes of Genius today to receive the professional Saline Tattoo Removal treatment!

Which is the Best Tattoo Removal Solution?

By Apr 07, 2022

People with tattoos sometimes regret some of the tattoos, and instead of covering them up with another one, they prefer to remove it. While it might not always be the case, tattoo removal is a fairly standard procedure that many people get done. The reasons behind getting their tattoos removed may vary from person to person; for some, it might be something that they got when they were younger it does not fit their lifestyle now.

Some people also get their tattoos removed when they feel that it was not professionally done. Whatever the reason behind the removal, it is a complicated process since tattoos are meant to be permanent. In addition, the best tattoo removal technique might vary depending on how big, complex, or deep your tattoo is, which is why you should do your research before going through with it.

There are several ways to get your tattoos removed, depending on which technique you choose. However, depending on how big your tattoo is, it might require upto several sessions to remove it altogether. Here are some of the best tattoo removal solutions that you can consider:

  1. Dermabrasion: If you go through dermabrasion, your top skin layer containing the ink particles will be removed. The tattoo removal specialist will use special tools to remove all the ink particles from the skin layer, and it might require a few sessions, depending on how complex or deep your tattoo is.
  1. Chemical Peel: Another common practice is to use chemical peels made of Trichloroacetic acid on the tattooed area until the tattooed area is broken down or color depletes. It might not be the fastest way to get your tattoo removed, but it is effective.
  1. Laser Removal: It is the most commonly used tattoo removal technique because it guarantees complete removal of the tattoo by breaking down the ink particles. Once the ink particles are broken down, your body will naturally remove the tattoo. Therefore, laser tattoos removal is considered one of the most effective and less intrusive ways to get tattoo removal.
  1. Saline Tattoo Removal: Although it is not as common as other tattoo removal practices, the professionals will use a saline solution to pull the ink out of your skin to a scar during saline tattoo removal. Saline removal might not be the most effective practice to get your tattoo removed, but you can go through it if you want to lighten your tattoo before you cover the area with another tattoo.

A clinic like Stroke of Genius uses state-of-the-art tools to provide you with the best tattoo removal services. They are known for their top-of-the-class services and professionalism, with which they approach each of their clients.

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I will definitely recommend Neena to everyone I know. She embodies professionalism, provides thorough information, exudes friendliness, and brings a delightful sense of fun to the experience. As someone initially hesitant about becoming a customer, persuaded by my sister to try permanent eyeliner despite my aversion to tattoos and discomfort with pain, I found Neena's approach remarkably reassuring. She took the time to explain the procedure and set clear expectations, ensuring we felt at ease throughout. From the preparation phase to the actual process and the subsequent care, Neena ensured our comfort and satisfaction every step of the way. The overall experience surpassed my expectations significantly.
So this is my 3rd visit with neena and yet again she lives up to her establishments name GENIUS, just always so happy with her work, what i need done she gets done with no question or judgements. peaceful clean work enviorment and shes always a pleasure to speak to. You need to experience for yourself you will definitley be happy and no regrets on referring others to her as well!! thank you neena !!
Can’t say how happy I am with my eyebrows. Even at my job my co-workers and patients compliment my eyebrows. My husband couldn’t believe how real they looked. Neena is the best by far, she’s so professional, makes you feel comfortable, and her energy, you can tell she loves what she does and that she knows she does a good job. If you are looking for a microblade tech please look no further, Neena got you.
I am in love with my eyebrows!!! She did a very good job. I wanted to get microblading done for so long, and Neena did not disappoint. Her studio is very nice and welcoming. I get so many compliments from everybody!!! That makes me happier!
My first time experiencing microblading, and I am in love with the results. Neena is very good at what she does. She was also very down to earth and patient. The salon is located at a very nice area. The place was really clean and beautiful. Top tier service all around. 10/10 recommend.
I love my new brow they look amazing I’m super pleased with it. Got alot of compliments. Neena is an awesome brow artist. 100% recommend her. Thank you for making my eyes so beautiful.
Neena has been so so wonderful and I’ve received so many compliments on my brows. Thank you for hooking me up, It was an absolute pleasure working with you.
Wow!!!!! I have never seen such natural technique before. This is my first time getting microblading done and it was hands down the best ever. My eyebrows were super thin when i went in and now look much more natural and thicker! Thank you so much for everything! I’m the happiest women ever
Excellent service!!!! Highly recommended this place. I got my eyebrows micro blading yesterday. It was so fast & painless. The owner very professional & so friendly. Thank you so much!
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