Advantages of permanent eyeliner tattoo

By Mar 17, 2022

Getting the perfectly shaped eyeliner is not an everyday affair – and this is why many understand the need for a permanent eyeliner tattoo. From saving time to avoiding smudging off, a permanent eyeliner tattoo can be beneficial in many ways.

The next time you are hesitating to get a permanent eyeliner, remember these benefits.

Great eyeliner every day

Getting an eyeliner to shape perfect for the first time and sometimes for the 10th or 100th time is not effortless. But when it comes to a permanent eyeliner, your eyeliner will be done by a professional. A permanent eyeliner professional service means not only that it will be done by a skilled artist but since it’s semi-permanent, extra care will be taken so that the shape is not messed up.

The shape and design of the eyeliner are one of the most important parts of it, and a permanent eyeliner will ensure that you have the desired shape and design always.

Time saver

Beauty enthusiasts spend minutes to hours getting that perfect eyebrow shape and design. Wearing eyeliner is not suitable and done only for parties and special events. Many women wear eyeliner every day to the office or their workplace, and getting ready in the morning is not getting any easier.

Permanent makeup eliminates the time needed for getting that perfect shape for a special event and another for an office day.

Money saver

If your eyes are something your care about, you would know not to use eyeliners that are not from a good brand. Also, only good brands make waterproof eyeliners that are suitable for all-day out. And this could prove to be expensive for your budget. Not to mention wastage – after trial and error coats.

But with permanent eyeliner, you can say bye-bye to constantly buying pencils or eyeliner bottles.


Makeup is not great everywhere. But imagine going all confident and pretty for a swimming class, only to come out looking dull washed off eyeliners. While it is not that bad, not everyone likes to be without makeup in public.

Permanent eyeliner eliminates the necessity of redoing your makeup – especially your eyes – after every outdoor activity. This could include running, playing sports, or standing in the sun – sweating.


Note that an eyeliner tattoo is not the same as lash line enhancement. A lash line enhancement is short-lived – at least unless you redo it and is thinner than your regular eyeliner shape. A Stroke of Genius, you get both upper and lower eyeliner services from skilled artists. Precautions for the process is one of the top priorities at Stroke of Genius, and you will get the most naturally shaped eyeliner.

Do eyes swell after undergoing permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure?

By Feb 10, 2022

Most women have several questions regarding what happens after they get a permanent eyeliner tattoo. Naturally, your mind might also be swarming with questions, such as, will my eyes swell? How long does the healing take place? Can I wash my eyes? In this guide, we will try to clear all your doubts by explaining permanent eyeliner tattoo post-care in detail.

What to Expect Right after Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Swelling, redness, dryness, flakiness, and itching are common in individuals when they come after getting permanent eyeliner. It is because the skin on your eyelid where permanent eyeliner is applied is very thin.

The length of time it takes to heal after the permanent eyeliner procedure varies from one person to another. The good thing is symptoms will disappear slowly after a few days.

If you are unsure about the color of your permanent eyeliner, remember that the true color will not become apparent before 4 to 6 weeks.

Permanent Eyeliner Post Care Guidelines that You Must Follow

Keep one thing in mind – your final results will depend on how well you will take care of your eyes right from the day you come home after the procedure.

What to Do Right After Procedure

Cleanse your eye area only through compresses with water-based wipes in the padding motion for the first four hours to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do not apply any kind of ointment because dry healing yields the best results. Avoid using water on your eyes for about a week. Prefer sleeping in a slightly elevated position. Use icepacks for about 10 to 15 minutes each hour for the first 4 to 8 hours.

What to Keep in Mind after Procedure until the Healing Completes Fully (Which Takes Around 4 to 5 Weeks)

  • Do not pick, rub, and scratch your eyes. Otherwise, it can create complications such as scarring and you may also end up with uneven color.
  • Avoid washing hair or face in a way that can get water, face wash, or shampoo in the treated eye area.
  • Make sure that no water goes in the treated eye area for a minimum of 10 days and you can use oil-free wipes to clean the face.
  • Do not use contact lenses for a few days
  • Do not apply mascara until outer healing is complete, and once it is okay to apply mascara, please replace the old mascara with a new one.
  • Avoid using eyelash curler for a few days.
  • Don’t go in the direct sunlight for sunbathing or tanning for about 4 weeks after the procedure. If you need to go outside, please wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Avoid things that lead to heavy sweating or increased blood pressure in the eye area such as exercise, sports, sauna, swimming, steam room, Jacuzzi, and long hot showers for at least 10 days.
  • Do not sleep on the face for at least 10 days and use a fresh pillowcase.
  • Do not make appointments for any facials, microdermabrasion, micro needling, peels, or laser sessions for at least 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Do not use exfoliants, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Vitamin A, alpha hydroxyl acids, or lactic acids on the treated area for about 30 days; otherwise, it can lead to premature fading.
  • Do not travel in open vehicles, such as boats, convertibles, bikes, and motorcycles.
  • Do not perform any tasks that expose you to airborne debris.

After completion of the permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure, your artist will provide you with aftercare instructions. It is a must to follow them to ensure that you get the best results.

The Major Differences between Conventional Tattooing and Cosmetic Tattooing!!

By Jan 20, 2022

Aren’t you sick of applying makeup eyeliner every morning? If yes, how about a permanent eyeliner tattoo? Permanent makeup is a perfect choice for ladies who love wearing makeup but barely get time. On the off chance, if you are planning about undertaking an eyeliner tattoo procedure, it is crucial to comprehend the real insights of cosmetic tattooing. Keep reading to know.

Eyeliner Tattoo:

A permanent eyeliner tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing which is often referred to as semi-permanent makeup performed by highly skilled and trained technicians. It is important to know- the pigment used is different than a body tattooing ink and is applied on the first layer of skin. Moreover, the color is designed in a way that it tends to lose its sharpness with time. And that is why it is also called semi-permanent. The eyeliner tattooing is applied on the lash line and can be applied- thin, thick, or medium in size (depending upon the client’s need).

The perk of Semi-permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

  • It’s smudge-proof and waterproof
  • It accentuates your eye shape and color without applying conventional makeup eyeliner.
  • You don’t need to wear eyeliner daily!

The Difference between Cosmetic Tattooing and A Conventional Tattoo:               

However, the process is the same as a conventional tattoo, but some key differences include:

  • A semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo is only applied to the first layers of skin, which is why the color fades with time. On the other hand, conventional skin tattoo ink goes deep into the skin.
  • Eyeliner tattoo is only semi-permanent, meaning it only lasts for last for 12-18 months. Additionally, it needs a yearly ‘touch up’.
  • Eyeliner tattooing is less painful than regular skin art tattoo.
  • Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo inks contain less of a metal base, allowing ink to permanently adhere.

Eyeliner Tattoo Styles

There are four different styles along with an extra trendy option such as Wings!

Eyelash enhancement: Super Subtle

Eyelash enhancement is a subtle tattoo application that can be done in two different ways-

  • a thin line that does not leave the lash area
  • a dot next to each eyelash

Both ways will make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker.

Thin eyeliner: Subtle but Impactful

If you want your eyes to pop, a thin eyeliner application can do wonders by giving a natural look. It’s the absolute best option for chic’s that want thin eyeliner with the option of applying more layers of makeup on it.

Medium-width eyeliner: Bold

If you wear makeup daily, medium-width eyeliner would be perfect for you as well as for those who want a look that makes their eyes bold but still relatively natural.

Thick eyeliner: Super-Bold

This option is not for everyone! If you love wearing think makeup and eyeliner daily, this thick eyeliner will provide you with a permanently bold eyeliner look.


Wings are one of the most trending’s when it comes to cosmetic eyeliner tattooing. However, you need to be extremely careful when doing wings as there is no go zone where glands are located. If your tattoo in this area, due to tiny molecules in the pigment, it is possible to color migration and spreading, which is impossible to remove. 

To know more, get in touch with our team of experts, or book a consultation today.

Need A Solution For Your Crooked Eyeliner? Try Permanent Eyeliner!

By Jan 13, 2022

Without a doubt, nailing perfect eyeliner every morning is one of the most arduous and time-consuming jobs for beauties. And if you love applying makeup, then you probably know what I’m trying to convey. 

Each morning when you stand in front of the mirror to apply eyeliner, the line gets wonky, the liquid smudge, and lots of other things can lead to frustration. Hence, there is no wonder why “permanent eyeliner” is contemplated as the best permanent eyeliner tattoo. 

The eyeliner tattooing procedure is contemplated as permanent because the pigment that is utilized to create the line usually lasts long in your skin. However, the longevity of the shade you have chosen and the visibility will fade out as time pass. With that begin said, permanent eyeliner is more of a semi-permanent procedure that eliminates the hassle of applying eyeliner every morning. 

Underneath mentioned are some crucial questions related to the “best permanent eyeliner tattoo”. Keep reading to learn and no more. 

What are the benefits associated with permanent eyeliner tattoos?

Permanent eyeliner is known for enhancing the appearance of the eyes without applying liquid liners and pencils. In other words, permanent eyeliner can make your eye pop! Moreover, the procedure also helps to boost the appearance of light-colored lashes. 

Someone has rightly quoted that- there could be plenty of reasons why someone might choose to get permanent eyeliner. For example, it saves you time each morning; you’ll also save a ton of money on eyeliner products, etc. 

How does the procedure work?

At loads of places, artists deposit hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin with the help of an ultra-thin needle. The tattooing procedure generally takes a couple of hours. Specialists begin with numbing the skin and creating the shape of the liner and then utilize a digital machine to pixelate the pigment in the skin. Unlike conventional eyeliner and brow tattoos, pigments that are utilized for permanent eyeliner tattoos do not penetrate deeply into the layer of the skin. 

To what extent does the permanent eyeliner last?

Unfortunately, the permanent eyeliner is not as permanent as its name suggests. However, you can expect it to last for about one to three years.

“Constantly using eye creams, oils and other products can cause the ink to fade over time,” quoted certified dermatologist, Dr. Vergara. “Not only does the color change, but as the ink is placed at the surface of the skin, the precision of the line also decreases.”

Is a skin test needed prior to getting permanent eyeliner tattooed? 

However, there is no need to get your skin tested, but some salons do offer them to be on the safer side. Generally speaking, dermatologists analyze if a patch or sin test is needed or not by reviewing skin allergies, medical history, and other personal details that may impact eligibility. In case, if you have a medical history, some allergies, or any other issues, it is better to ask your permanent makeup artist to do a skin test. 

For more information, you can book a consultation with us.

How often does my permanent eyeliner tattoo need touchups?

By Nov 25, 2021

A lot of women do not consider touchups after getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo. They often say that it is an unnecessary expense. But if you are someone who likes to look always the best, touchup sessions will help you enjoy the benefit of permanent makeup longer than others. Besides, if you have chosen a reputable makeup artist, your package might even include touchup; meaning no need to pay extra for a touchup session.

How permanent is a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

The term, “permanent makeup” gives the illusion that it will stay there forever. It is not the case though. Since our skin keeps shedding cells and renewing, permanent makeup doesn’t last lifelong. People tend to call it permanent because permanent makeup lasts for many months or up to even two years when compared to regular makeup that lasts for only a day or even less than a day.

In the case of a permanent eyeliner tattoo, it lasts for around 12 to 18 months and the duration varies from person to person. Besides, the longevity of your permanent eyeliner tattoo also depends on whether you have had a touch-up session or not.

To be honest, the fact that a permanent eyeliner tattoo doesn’t last for several years is a blessing in disguise. In case you get tired of your current permanent makeup look, you get the chance to make changes once it gets faded.

How often do I need to retouch my permanent eyeliner?

A variety of factors can influence how long a permanent eyeliner tattoo lasts. Sun exposure and body chemistry can play a significant role in how quickly or slowly the pigment will fade over time. If we talk about permanent eyeliner tattoos, we highly recommend retouching or correction once a year in order to see the best results.

Most people start noticing the color fading in a year. However, the skin of every person holds the pigment up to different extents, thus duration between touchups may differ significantly for everyone. We consider it a good thing because trends and styles change quickly, especially in the world of cosmetics. It gives you an opportunity to make slight changes, such as, making some additional strokes, making the color a bit darker, or changing the shape (if possible).

Another important part is the technique of the permanent makeup artist, the pigment type used for permanent eyeliner tattoo, and the amount of pigment used. The type of pigment plays a crucial role in how long the tattoo will last.

Though permanent eyeliner tattoo doesn’t need a touchup too often, we recommend looking for a permanent makeup artist who provides the best advice for you.

What happens if I don’t retouch my permanent eyeliner tattoo on time?

Have you ever seen women with blue, green eyebrows? If yes, that is the result of not performing retouch on time. When you don’t get your permanent eyeliner tattoo retouched, the pigment starts fading or may change color over time. So, if it has been months and you haven’t visited the makeup studio for permanent eyeliner retouch yet, it’s time to book an appointment for a consultation.

Depending on how much pigment has faded, the makeup artist will either recommend you a retouch session or may even recommend getting a brand new permanent eyeliner tattoo for the best results.

How safe is it to get a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

By Oct 28, 2021

 Applying the perfect eyeliner is a very tedious job that women dislike to do every single day. If you are a woman who doesn’t like to step out without ensuring the “pretty eyes” look at any time of the day, then you can avoid all the hassles with one simple solution: A Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo.

 Most probably, you have already heard about it but might have not taken any action till now. We understand that these are your eyes and you might be feeling apprehensive about experimenting with them.

 But if this is the only reason you haven’t gotten a permanent eyeliner tattoo, then this post is created just for you. Today, we are going to give an overview of permanent eyeliner and talk about how safe it is.

 What is a Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo? Why Should I Get It?

A permanent eyeliner tattoo is a makeup technique of applying eyeliner without the fear of smudging. It is water proof! Just like the regular eyeliner, it can also be applied in a variety of styles, ranging from extremely thin and natural-looking liner to thicker lines and winged eyeliner.

 The procedure is considered permanent because the liner can remain in your skin for years. However, the visibility fades over time. So, it is actually more like semi-permanent eyeliner that eliminates the need for applying eyeliner daily and keeps you always camera-ready.

 It enhances your eyes without the use of liquid liners or pencils and makes your eyes pop. It also helps improve your appearance if you have light-colored or missing lashes. Plus, you will be saving a ton of money on eyeliner products.

 How Safe Is Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo?

In general, a permanent eyeliner tattoo is considered a safe procedure when performed by an experienced permanent makeup artist using sterile techniques and equipment in a medical-grade clean environment.

 The procedure is invasive which means one should follow the before and aftercare instructions properly. Experts highly recommend doing research when finding a reputable permanent makeup studio in your area. Make sure you look at the artists reviews.

In case you are suffering from autoimmune disorders such as lupus or you are pregnant, it is advised to visit your doctor to prevent complications. Besides, you also need to consult your doctor if you are prone to keloids, or have or had chemo.

 Are There Any Side Effects of Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo?

You might experience swelling, bruising, itching, or discomfort right after getting permanent eyeliner; however, all these side effects will last only a few days and they are a part of the healing process. The eyeliner color will also appear much darker for up to 7 days after the procedure but will set to your desired shade after that.

 To get the best results, you need to make sure that you are aware of all the anticipated aftercare instructions and follow them properly. During the healing period, it is best to avoid mascara, harsh skin cleaners, UV tanning, and skin exfoliants.

 So, there is no need to worry about anything. All you need to do is to find the “best permanent eyeliner tattoo makeup artist near me” and schedule a consultation appointment.

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