Some Fine Differences between Microblading & Eyebrow Tattooing Techniques!

By Oct 03, 2019

Eyebrows define the face. They play a very imperative role in defining the aesthetics of the face. The symmetry, shape and fullness of the brows all work together to accentuate the eyes’ appearance and frame the face. But sadly not everyone has the fuller and well shaped brows that can mesmerize the beholders. Don’t dishearten, if you have patchy or thin brows. There is a non invasive treatment available to you in the form of microblading.

eye brow tattoo

Microblading is a semi permanent treatment that can instantly improve the eyebrow area. It is a popular eyebrow enhancement technique that aims on improving the shape, thickness and definition of the brows. The procedure is done using a specialized hand-held tool that deposits dye into the second dermal layer of the skin, creating very fine strokes that mimic the natural eyebrow hair.

People often relate microblading to tattoo technique. While both the procedures sound similar, there are some pretty differences between both the techniques. For your better and clear understanding, here are the 4 key differences between both the treatment choices……


People who undergo the procedure of microblading tend to enjoy more natural looking result than the ones who opt for eyebrow tattooing. The differences in outcome are natural as unlike eyebrow tattooing, microblading technique creates individual hair-like strokes.


In microblading specialized pigments are used that mimic natural hair but as we all know tattooing is done with ink. Ink differs from pigment in the way it looks and fades over time. When the ink of eyebrow tattoo fades, it leaves behind a blue-green colored tint, particularly around the edges of the tattoo. This green color tint can be a big cause of embarrassment for the people as they are left with some oddly colored eyebrows that never look cool. But pigments used in microblading fade into a lighter version of the color. So the people retain a natural appearance.


Eyebrow tattoo is a permanent treatment choice while microblading is semi permanent. It means, there is no retake with eyebrow tattoos. Once it is done, it is done. You can’t rectify it or give a try to any other look. But it is not the case with microblading. Since it is a semi permanent technique, the results lasts about 6 months to a year. So, you can try the other look after this particular period of time or rectify your mistake if not happy with the previous choice.  The semi-permanent nature of microblading allows the users to change the look of their brow as trend changes.

  • PAIN –

Getting a tattoo can be relatively painful but getting microbladed is completely free from pain. Yes, a little discomfort is obvious. Most patients describe the feeling of microblading pretty similar to tweezing. To sum up even if both the treatment options sound similar, there are some key differences between both of them and based on those differences, it can be easily understood that microblading is a cut above eyebrow tattoo.

All Your Questions About Microblading Treatment Answered!!!

By Aug 09, 2019

We don’t realize how important eyebrows are for the face. Well-shaped, symmetrical eyebrows will make you look good even without makeup. Not every woman is blessed with thick eyebrows and others may have sparse brows from overplucking or due to some health conditions. With the advancement of technology, a microblading procedure has been introduced as a respite for those women needing fuller, more even brows.

Microblading Treatment

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment which enhances the look of your brows by making them thick and even. It has become a fairly common treatment for reshaping the eyebrows. With the help of microblading treatment, gaps between the natural hair of the brows are filled to make them look thicker and fuller.   

What is involved in microblading treatment?

Microblading is performed using a sharp tool similar to a scalpel. It is used to fill the gaps between the natural hair of your eyebrows so that they look thick and natural. The microblading tool is dipped in ink and then hair-like strokes are drawn in the gaps. This tattooing pigment is implanted between the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin layer of the skin. If you get this treatment done from an experienced and skilful artist, no one will be able to guess that you got this procedure done. The strokes resemble real eyebrow hairs.  The microblading artist will use a pigment shade that best matches the colour of your natural eyebrow hair. The effects of this microblading treatment will last anywhere between 10 months to 2 years.Microblading is a two -step process and thereforea touch up is required 6 weeks later.

Does microblading procedure hurt?

This is a common concern of every woman out there who is considering to undergoa microblading treatment. The true answer to this question is that microblading does not actually hurt if a client gets numbed. Some may feel some discomfort if they are either immune to the numbing cream/ gel or people who metabolize the numbing cream too fast.  You must certainly be prepared that you may feel slight discomfort when undergoing this procedure. An anaesthetic cream will be applied over your brows to lessen this discomfort. Once the procedure is over, your eyebrows will be bolder, little swollen and slightly sore.It will take only about a week or so for the microbladed area to heal completely.

Who should not undergo this procedure?

Almost everyone can undergo this microblading treatment except for breast feeding/pregnant momsand those with some  major illnesses. Those who have thinner skin might bleed a little more than the others who undergo this procedure. Apart from this, you must refrain from consuming alcohol, aspirin, retinol, or any other blood-thinning agent at least a few days prior to your appointment. 

How long will the procedure take to complete? 

You are mistaken if you believe that this procedure will only take an hour or so to complete. It normally takes around two to three hours for the entire procedure. About an hour goes in drawing the right shape or structure of the eyebrows. A wax pencil that can be wiped off is used for this. Generally a microblading artist does 4 passes. Each pass consisits of numbing, microblading,and pigment. This is done 3-4 times till the entire brow is done. Sometimes more passes are done for clients who have trouble numbing and who are bleeding too much.

Once the microblading session is over, that area might appear swollen and red. You do not have to worry about this as it will get better in about a day or two. You must refrain from using water, soap and makeup for at least a few days. Each microblading artists healing strategy is different. Some dry heal where nothing is applied over the brows during the healing stage, some say apply an ointment over the brows.

Microblading: 3 Amazing Benefits to Avail from this New and Trendy Eyebrow Technique!!

By Aug 09, 2019

Eyebrows offer a noticeable attractiveness and charm to your face. However, if your eyebrows are too sparse and thin then the process of “microblading” can highly improve the appearance of your eyebrows. All in all, the technique of microblading can enhance the brows you already have.

If you haven’t heard the entire buzz regarding eyebrow microblading then you are bound to have numerous questions regarding it. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered because it’s very important to make a firm decision when it comes to anything regarding your face and appearance.

So, to start with, let’s know what microblading is exactly all about?

Eyebrow microblading is mainly a process of depositing pigmentinto hair like strokes to make it look thicker, more symmetrical. It is an entirely painless process if one gets numbed that will give you natural-looking results. No more spending hours every morning filling in your brows. Microblading is smudge proof, waterproof. Can last anywhere from 10 months to 2 years.

So, if you feel very conscious about your face appearances or have undergone treatments that have resulted in thinning or loss of eyebrows due to age etc. then microblading may be the best option to give your brows a gorgeous transformation.

Benefits of microblading:

If you are skeptical or hesitant on microblading, ask for a consultation so that you can feel at ease, most places offer a free consulation. The list below will give you an idea of all the benefits microblading can have.

1.    It offers a long-lasting result:

This natural-looking procedure offers fantastic and long-lasting results. In simple words, just consider it a semi-permanent tattoo that gives your brows a perfect look and shape. All you need to do is get your eyebrows microbladed once every year or so. The microbladed brows retain their size, shape, and thickness for years to come and only need a few touch-ups for extra care.

2.   Microblading reduces the time you take to get ready in the morning:

Before you go to your office or head out for a party, you spend a lot of time getting ready and look attractive. Makeup takes a lot of time and also can be a tiring task to do almost every day. However, with microblading, your eyebrows are always perfect and ready, and with this, you can spend less time on makeup every day.

3.    It gives waterproof results:

A very common issue with artificially drawn eyebrows is that they often get distorted and smudged under the effect of water and sweat. But, with microblading, you face no such problem as this semi-permanent technique offers you waterproof results.

Hence, all these are a few of the amazing benefits that you can have with microblading. However, to ensure that you attain all these benefits and get the desired results, make sure you choose a Licensed professional artist one that is and trustworthy with excellent reviews. Reviews speak for themselves!    


By Jul 02, 2019
Microblading Eyebrows in Orlando | What is Microblading?

Brows are a staple in our beauty routines nowadays. But, imagine a world where you never have to pick up a pencil again. Microblading eyebrows in Orlando is a cool technique that can help you achieve a lasting brow. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Microblading?

Maybe you’ve heard about the “eyebrow tattoo” trend. Well, they’re talking about microblading! Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that does require touch ups. It’s a great way to reshape your brows, fill them in, and transform your look without the daily hassle of filling them in!

What is the Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

The beautiful thing about eyebrows is that everyone’s are unique. But, there is a technique behind sculpting a brow that’ll complement your face shape. The three most important points of your brow are the beginning, the arch, and the end. These align with the different points of the eye to make a structured and beautiful look. From there, you can have fun with your brows! Are you looking for a fuller brow? Full or straight arch? And so forth. All of this is predetermined to make sure we get the best look when it comes time to microblade.

What are the Benefits of Microblading?

Imagine waking up and having beautiful brows. You just roll out of bed and Beyoncé a little bit because yes, you woke up like that. That’s a great feeling! You’re saving time and feeling confident. And, so many people can benefit from microblading. Whether you’re the mom whose hands are always full or a cancer survivor who is ready to live their best life, microblading can leave you looking and feeling amazing.

Want to Learn More about Microblading Eyebrows in Orlando?

Microblading eyebrows in Orlando is truly an art form! And we appreciate that here at Fleek Brows. If you’re ready to learn how to transform brows with microblading eyebrows in Orlando, contact us about our training today!

Microblading: Best Way Ever to Get Eyebrows of a Desired Shape

By Jun 20, 2019

No more worrying about your naked eyebrows! Now you can have the eyebrows that you have long dreamed of. From color, shape, thickness to texture, you can get the eyebrows of your choice, thanks to Microblading, a new semi permanent solution for people who have no brows, have sparse brows, or just want to enhance their current brows. This procedure will surely give clients the beautiful brows they have always wanted 24/7. It can last anywhere from 10 months- 2 years.

A Glance into the Microblading

Microblading is a form of tattooing, but instead of a Tattooing machine which is used to deposit pigment inside the layers of skin, a disposable, single-use, sterile, handheld tool is used. This is one major difference between the traditional method and Microblading. Also, everything from mapping the eyebrows to depositing ink is all done manually. This allows you to create the shade, pattern and hair strokes precisely the way you want them. With traditional tattooing that involves machines to deposit pigment into the skin there is no such control. With Microblading the huge advantage is that you have complete control of how you want to shape the brows to how many hair like strokes you want to make, to the density of the brow etc making Microblading, the most sought-after choice for those women who are looking for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup solution.


Unlike methods used before for eyebrow pigmentation that simply got placed on your brows like two large slugs atop your eyelids, in Microblading, a sharp tool like a mini scalpel with tiny needles is used to scratch tiny lines into your natural brows, so that they look just like individual hairs. The lines are so fine that this procedure for eyebrow makeup is also called eyebrow embroidery. If done properly, it is impossible to distinguish between the real brows and the ones created through Microblading.

Before the procedure the client is numbed using two anesthetic creams which areapplied directly to the brow area to get the client all ready and comfortable for the procedure.The eyebrows are then mapped and measured and then the magic takes place! As a final step a gel like cream is placed on the Microbladed eyebrows as a hindrance. It is a good idea to get this procedure done by a Licensed and Certified Tattoo Artist and by one who the right expertise and experience in this kind of procedure.

After the procedure is done, clients are provided with instructions for after care.They are advised not towet, wash or touch the brow area for 7-10 days as it heals. It is better to use cleansing wipes or keep your face dry during this time period. The eyebrows will then go through a series of changes and in about a month or so the true color and hair strokes will appear just like real fine hairs. People who have had this procedure done say it’s completely changed their lives and that they feel so much younger and they no longer have to spend all that time applying eyebrow makeup. Microblading has truly become a game changer!

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