Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Tattoo Removal

By May 29, 2024

At one point or another, most of us have had some tattoo regret. Maybe it was those matching butterfly stamps you got with your bestie in college. Or that giant tribal armband you thought looked awesome at 18.

Whatever the reason, that permanent ink is no longer permanent. If you’re over it and ready for a fresh start, the good news is that you have multiple safe, effective options for getting rid of any tattoo you’ve outgrown. Let’s dive in!

The Main Methods

When it comes to permanent tattoo removal, there are two treatments leading the pack these days – laser removal and saline removal. Here are the details on each:

Laser Tattoo Removal

This is probably what first comes to mind when you think about erasing tattoos. Laser removal uses intense light energy to break up the ink particles in your skin over a series of appointments. It’s like spending a hot day at the beach – the sunlight makes that tattoo look lighter and faded over time.

A few key things to know about lasers:

  • Most clients need 6-10 sessions spaced around 6-8 weeks apart. Older tattoos need only small sessions.
  • Expect some temporary redness, swelling, and maybe blistering after each session as your body works to remove the shattered ink.
  • Certain colors like black and blue respond best, while brights like yellow are the most stubborn.
  • Complete removal isn’t 100% guaranteed, even after many sessions. Some ink can remain, especially with tricky colors.

Saline Removal

This increasingly popular method is the all-natural alternative to lasers. It works by having a licensed professional inject a saltwater solution directly into your unwanted tattoo. As the solution interacts with the ink pigments, it brings them up out of the skin over several weeks.

Some great things about saline removal:

  • Excellent for taking out the cosmetic lip, eyebrow, or permanent makeup tattoos
  • Very effective on older tattoos that have had years to settle into the skin
  • The solution is gentle and less harsh than laser energy
  • Technicians can use it for just lightening/fading ink if preferred over full removal

This all-natural approach takes a little longer time to remove the tattoo but saves you from the discomfort caused by the laser and uses your body’s natural healing to remove the permanent tattoo completely.

In 2024 people prefer more natural ways of fixing synch issues. If you are one of these people, choosing saline tattoo removal is the best solution for you.

Don’t Try This at Home

Avoid”tattoo removal” creams and chemical peels for your safety. They are not regulated and at best, provide very minimal lightening. At worst, they can cause serious burns, scarring, and nasty skin reactions. Not worth the risk, folks.

The professionals are licensed for a reason. Trust experienced tattoo removal specialists who use modern methods.

The Bottom Line

Permanently removing a tattoo takes an investment of money, time, and dealing with some temporary irritation or discomfort. But for those who are ready to move on from their old ink, it’s absolutely worth it to wake up every morning without that regrettable design staring back at you.

Saline tattoo removal is an excellent option in 2024. This natural and advanced technology makes it even better than laser treatment and much safer. It is considered more effective than laser because it is more natural. So if you’re in the “get this thing off me!” mindset with your tattoo, have no fear – contact Strokes of Genius Microblading for the best saline permanent tattoo removal in Orlando today.

How Much Does Small Tattoo Removal Cost in Orlando?

By May 22, 2024

Have you ever gotten a small tattoo that you later regretted? Maybe it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, or perhaps your tastes have changed over time. Whatever the reason, removing an unwanted tattoo can be a viable option.

When it comes to tattoo removal, various factors play a role. The cost of a small tattoo removal can be different from that of a large tattoo. Let’s discuss how much it can cost to remove a small tattoo in Orlando and what are the factors that affect the cost of any type of permanent tattoo removal.

Cost of Small Tattoo Removal in Orlando

If you’re looking to get rid of a small tattoo in Orlando, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 for a small tattoo removal process. This cost typically covers a single treatment session.

However, some tattoos may need multiple sessions for a successful permanent tattoo removal, which can increase the overall cost of a tattoo removal in Orlando.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Permanent Tattoo Removal:

While the average cost of small tattoo removal in Orlando falls within the $100 to $300 range, several factors can influence the final price for permanent tattoo removal. Here are some of the key considerations:

Tattoo Size: Smaller tattoos generally cost less for permanent tattoo removal than larger ones. The cost is often determined by the square inch or centimeter of the tattoo.

Tattoo Color: Tattoos with darker colors, such as black or blue, are typically easier for permanent tattoo removal and may cost less than those with brighter or more complex colors.

Tattoo Age: Older tattoos tend to be more challenging for permanent tattoo removal, as the ink particles have had more time to settle deeper into the skin. Newer tattoos may be easier and less expensive for small tattoo removal.

Tattoo Location: Tattoos located on areas with thinner skin, such as the wrist or neck, may require fewer treatment sessions and, therefore, cost less for permanent tattoo removal than those on areas with thicker skin, like the back or legs.

Removal Method: Different tattoo removal techniques, such as laser removal or surgical excision, can have varying costs for permanent tattoo removal. Laser removal is generally more expensive but it is also more effective for most small tattoo removal procedures.

It’s important to remember that while the initial cost of small tattoo removal in Orlando may seem high, it’s often a worthwhile investment for those seeking permanent tattoo removal of an unwanted tattoo.

If you’re considering permanent tattoo removal in Orlando for a small tattoo, it’s always best to consult with a reputable tattoo studio that can evaluate your specific situation and provide an accurate cost estimate. With the right professional and a bit of patience, you can say goodbye to that unwanted tattoo through successful small tattoo removal and embrace a fresh start.

Permanent Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee: Get Rid of That Tattoo

By Apr 11, 2024

A lot of us have been there with that spur-of-the-moment tattoo decision that made perfect sense at the time but now just doesn’t feel right anymore. Whether it’s an ex’s name permanently etched on your skin, an old logo or symbol that no longer represents who you are, or just some ink that simply doesn’t fit your current style and aesthetic – it can be really frustrating to be stuck with a tattoo that you wish you could just erase.

The good news is that with the help of the expert team at Strokes of Genius Microblading ‘s permanent tattoo removal in Kissimmee, you can finally say goodbye to that unwanted tattoo for good through their specialized permanent tattoo removal services.

Painless Tattoo Removal is Possible!

Using a gentle, natural saline solution, the professionals at Strokes of Genius are able to safely and effectively fade away unwanted tattoos over the course of just a few treatment sessions. Unlike the intense heat and energy of laser tattoo removal, this saline-based approach is much gentler on the skin, causing minimal discomfort in the process.

How Does Saline Tattoo Removal Work?

The process begins with a thorough consultation at Strokes of Genius’ state-of-the-art studio in Kissimmee. Their experienced artist will carefully evaluate the size, location, and color of your tattoo to develop the most effective removal plan for your unique needs.

During each treatment session, a small amount of saline solution is gently injected into the tattooed area. This solution works to gradually draw out the tattoo pigment from your skin. Over the course of some sessions scheduled a few weeks apart, you’ll see your unwanted ink gradually fade away until it’s completely gone. The ink may come out in one session, or it may take multiple sessions. It’s hard to know how many sessions are needed.

The saline solution causes very little discomfort – usually just a slight pinching or stinging feeling, similar to what you’d experience when getting a new tattoo. And unlike other removal methods, you won’t have to worry about any significant downtime, as you can immediately return to your normal daily activities.

Why Choose Saline Tattoo Removal?

In addition to the gentle, pain-free process, saline removal offers several key benefits that make it an excellent choice:

  • It’s generally more affordable than laser treatments, making it accessible to a wider range of people.
  • The natural saline solution avoids damaging the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in a more even and natural-looking fading of the tattoo. No scarring whatsoever.
  • You can resume your daily routine immediately after each session, without having to take time off.
  • Strokes of Genius has extensive experience safely removing all types and sizes of unwanted tattoos.

Get Ready to Reclaim Your Skin in Kissimmee

If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious or unhappy about an old tattoo that no longer feels like a true reflection of who you are, it’s time to take back control of your skin. Contact the team at Strokes of Genius Microblading today to schedule your consultation for permanent tattoo removal in Kissimmee. Say goodbye to that unwanted ink and hello to the clear, confident skin you desire.

Advanced Permanent Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee

By Mar 14, 2024

Are you tormented by permanent ink blunders on your skin? Saline tattoo removal – a revolutionary service in Kissimmee erases regrettable body art gently and precisely. Strokes of Genius Microblading uses this innovative technique to surpass harsh traditional methods, resulting in exceptional comfort and flawless results.

The Sublime Saline Solution

Using the power of nature, a sterile saline solution can remove stubborn pigments without causing any pain. When skillfully injected into tattooed areas by expert hands, this powerful yet gentle liquid gradually lifts the ink particles over time. This innovative method is a seamless blend of natural elements and advanced technical artistry.

Strokes of Genius uses the outstanding “A+ OCEAN,” to achieve full saline removal effectiveness. Say goodbye to painful lasers, scratches, and persistent discomfort. You don’t need to suffer undue trauma to restore a flawless complexion.

Practically Painless Perfection

Saline removal’s attractive qualities? Its extremely comfortable application avoids laser treatments mandating numbing cream usage. Most recipients report an almost entirely pain-free experience throughout this process. The gentle injection flow soothes and leaves the skin refreshed, not irritated.

Saline tattoo removal offers powerful results while drastically reducing the scarring and skin trauma risks caused by harsher techniques. Talented artists promote smooth, accurate ink removal without excessive stress on the skin.

Reclaiming Clear Skin

This versatile saline solution is ideal for removing nearly any unwanted tattoo and offers a variety of options:

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee frees you from microbladed brow blunders. You can also regain your natural lips through Permanent Lip Tattoo Removal in Kissimmee.

That unsuitable name, symbol, or design fades away effortlessly thanks to Saline permanent tattoo removal.

The Strokes of Genius Microblading Distinction

When you want the best tattoo removal in Kissimmee, come to Strokes of Genius Microblading. We only use the top “A+ OCEAN” saline solutions. This means you get excellent care and amazing results. our prices are custom-made for the size and complexity of your tattoo, so you won’t have any surprise costs.

Each person is different, but our experienced team makes sure your investment in getting a fresh start is worth every penny. They will meet with you to make a personal plan targeting just the ink you want removed. This brings back your natural beauty without too much discomfort.

A Fresh Start Awaits

Are you finally ready to gently yet effectively get rid of those permanent tattoo mistakes? Then discover the amazing saline tattoo removal in Kissimmee at Strokes of Genius Microblading! At your consultation, we will open up new possibilities with a customized plan to remove the tattoo.

Starting your tattoo removal journey begins an exciting personal transformation. Strokes of Genius Microblading will skillfully guide you through the whole process. We support both emotional and physical changes. Letting go of those permanent ink blunders will give you a profound sense of freedom – an empowering rebirth celebrating the real you.

Trust our respected Kissimmee studio to expertly lead your fresh start. Our unique saline method allows you to express your authentic self and pure self-love. It’s your chance to rediscover your true essence by finally erasing those past mistakes. An amazing new chapter awaits!

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I will definitely recommend Neena to everyone I know. She embodies professionalism, provides thorough information, exudes friendliness, and brings a delightful sense of fun to the experience. As someone initially hesitant about becoming a customer, persuaded by my sister to try permanent eyeliner despite my aversion to tattoos and discomfort with pain, I found Neena's approach remarkably reassuring. She took the time to explain the procedure and set clear expectations, ensuring we felt at ease throughout. From the preparation phase to the actual process and the subsequent care, Neena ensured our comfort and satisfaction every step of the way. The overall experience surpassed my expectations significantly.
So this is my 3rd visit with neena and yet again she lives up to her establishments name GENIUS, just always so happy with her work, what i need done she gets done with no question or judgements. peaceful clean work enviorment and shes always a pleasure to speak to. You need to experience for yourself you will definitley be happy and no regrets on referring others to her as well!! thank you neena !!
Can’t say how happy I am with my eyebrows. Even at my job my co-workers and patients compliment my eyebrows. My husband couldn’t believe how real they looked. Neena is the best by far, she’s so professional, makes you feel comfortable, and her energy, you can tell she loves what she does and that she knows she does a good job. If you are looking for a microblade tech please look no further, Neena got you.
I am in love with my eyebrows!!! She did a very good job. I wanted to get microblading done for so long, and Neena did not disappoint. Her studio is very nice and welcoming. I get so many compliments from everybody!!! That makes me happier!
My first time experiencing microblading, and I am in love with the results. Neena is very good at what she does. She was also very down to earth and patient. The salon is located at a very nice area. The place was really clean and beautiful. Top tier service all around. 10/10 recommend.
I love my new brow they look amazing I’m super pleased with it. Got alot of compliments. Neena is an awesome brow artist. 100% recommend her. Thank you for making my eyes so beautiful.
Neena has been so so wonderful and I’ve received so many compliments on my brows. Thank you for hooking me up, It was an absolute pleasure working with you.
Wow!!!!! I have never seen such natural technique before. This is my first time getting microblading done and it was hands down the best ever. My eyebrows were super thin when i went in and now look much more natural and thicker! Thank you so much for everything! I’m the happiest women ever
Excellent service!!!! Highly recommended this place. I got my eyebrows micro blading yesterday. It was so fast & painless. The owner very professional & so friendly. Thank you so much!
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