5 Important Things to Consider Before Going for The Microblading Procedure

By Sep 09, 2019

You must have heard about the microblading procedure from one of your friends. Are you excited to try it out for yourself? Before that, you must learn as much as you can about microblading eyebrow tattoo procedure. Basically, in this procedure, ink is injected between your eyebrow hairs for fuller-looking brows. You must be very careful when choosing a technician who can perform this procedure. Hiring an unqualified technician can cause infections and cuts that will make you regret your decision later on. Here are a few things that you must keep a track of before taking the plunge.

  • Conduct the necessary research.

Although this is a semi-permanent procedure, this does not mean that it cannot harm you. This is why you need to carry out the necessary research in finding the right microblading eyebrow tattoo technician. You must look for someone who is trained and certified. Furthermore, they must also have sufficient experience in serving clients. 

  • Ask to view the work done by the technician.

A good technician will surely be more than willing to share the pictures of work done by them in the past. Looking at their past work will give you an idea about what you can expect from them and whether or not it matches the results that you expect. Most of the reputed artists are active on social media these days from where you can get a glimpse of their work. 

  • Visit a reputed salon.

You must ensure that the salon you have chosen for getting microblading eyebrow tattoo follows all health and safety guidelines outlined for them. You must also ask to see the license to be absolutely sure. Besides this, the technician should use a fresh, single-use blade and fresh ink for individual clients. Do not mess around on this aspect.   

  • Inquire about the procedure.

It is good to be informed about the procedure before it starts. The technician would ideally draw the shape of eyebrows and show it to you for approval. You must also get a test the ink on your skin before going ahead with the procedure. You must specifically ask the technician about the activities that you should refrain from before and after the procedure.

  • Ask for spacing.

A few days after the procedure, you might feel that your brows appear too dense and look unnatural. This mostly happens when the technician does not leave sufficient space between every stroke. Ensure that the technician leaves enough space so that your eyebrows look natural after the procedure. You must also make sure that the technician makes use of good quality ink. It is important for you to follow the aftercare instructions closely so that the brows can heal fully and retain their colour. You must refrain from using makeup, skin creams, and cleansers on your brows for a few days after the microblading eyebrow tattoo procedure. Also, picking at the scabs is a strict no-no.

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