All Your Questions About Microblading Treatment Answered!!!

By Aug 09, 2019

We don’t realize how important eyebrows are for the face. Well-shaped, symmetrical eyebrows will make you look good even without makeup. Not every woman is blessed with thick eyebrows and others may have sparse brows from overplucking or due to some health conditions. With the advancement of technology, a microblading procedure has been introduced as a respite for those women needing fuller, more even brows.

Microblading Session

Microblading is a semi-permanent session which enhances the look of your brows by making them thick and even. It has become a fairly common session for reshaping the eyebrows. With the help of microblading session, gaps between the natural hair of the brows are filled to make them look thicker and fuller.   

What is involved in microblading session?

Microblading is performed using a sharp tool similar to a scalpel. It is used to fill the gaps between the natural hair of your eyebrows so that they look thick and natural. The microblading tool is dipped in ink and then hair-like strokes are drawn in the gaps. This tattooing pigment is implanted between the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin layer of the skin. If you get this session done from an experienced and skilful artist, no one will be able to guess that you got this procedure done. The strokes resemble real eyebrow hairs.  The microblading artist will use a pigment shade that best matches the colour of your natural eyebrow hair. The effects of this microblading session will last anywhere between 10 months to 2 years.Microblading is a two -step process and thereforea touch up is required 6 weeks later.

Does microblading procedure hurt?

This is a common concern of every woman out there who is considering to undergo a microblading session. The true answer to this question is that microblading does not actually hurt if a client gets numbed. Some may feel some discomfort if they are either immune to the numbing cream/ gel or people who metabolize the numbing cream too fast.  You must certainly be prepared that you may feel slight discomfort when undergoing this procedure. An anaesthetic cream will be applied over your brows to lessen this discomfort. Once the procedure is over, your eyebrows will be bolder, little swollen and slightly sore. It will take only about a week or so for the microbladed area to heal completely.

Who should not undergo this procedure?

Almost everyone can undergo this microblading session except for breast feeding/pregnant momsand those with some  major illnesses. Those who have thinner skin might bleed a little more than the others who undergo this procedure. Apart from this, you must refrain from consuming alcohol, aspirin, retinol, or any other blood-thinning agent at least a few days prior to your appointment. 

How long will the procedure take to complete? 

You are mistaken if you believe that this procedure will only take an hour or so to complete. It normally takes around two to three hours for the entire procedure. About an hour goes in drawing the right shape or structure of the eyebrows. A wax pencil that can be wiped off is used for this. Generally a microblading artist does 4 passes. Each pass consists of numbing, microblading ,and pigment. This is done 3-4 times till the entire brow is done. Sometimes more passes are done for clients who have trouble numbing and who are bleeding too much.

Once the microblading session is over, that area might appear swollen and red. You do not have to worry about this as it will get better in about a day or two. You must refrain from using water, soap and makeup for at least a few days. Each microblading artists healing strategy is different. Some dry heal where nothing is applied over the brows during the healing stage, some say apply an ointment over the brows.

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