Can Saline Tattoo Removal Reverse the Result of Microblading Procedure?

By Sep 01, 2022

Microblading is a procedure in which ink is injected underneath the skin to give the impression of an eyebrow and saline tattoo removal is a procedure in which tattoo pigment is pulled out. This is one solid reason that proves that saline removal can reverse the result of the microblading procedure. If something is injected, it can be pulled out easily and effectively.

 A detailed explanation of how saline tattoo removal works on microblading

Before starting the removal procedure, the technicians apply numbing cream in the session area to minimize the pain followed by sterilization.

A tattoo machine is used in the saline tattoo removal procedure. As saline solution is deposited it helps remove the pigment.

The solution then breaks the pigment and pulls it out from the outer surface of the eyebrow skin. This is known as the osmosis process. After extraction, the wound heals into a scab. And after the scab falls, the microbladed eyebrows start getting lighter. The lightening process takes time, about 4-6 weeks, depending on the skin type.

 Will the result of the microblading procedure reverse after one session of saline tattoo removal?

Not necessary. The number of saline tattoo removal sessions depends on different factors. Your technician will determine this once your skin gets healed after the first session. The result of the first session will help the technician to know the effectiveness of the procedure and plan out the next step.

 Why is saline removal better than laser removal for eyebrow tattoo removal?

With lasers, eyebrow tattoo removal is a risky business because, in addition to removing the tattoo it can remove your hair as well. You might lose your natural eyebrows forever along with pigmented eyebrows.

On the other hand, your natural eyebrow hairs will remain intact and the pigmented eyebrows will vanish with the saline solution. The best thing about saline tattoo removal is that you can get your eyebrows re-tattooed once your skin gets healed after the removal procedure.

In laser removal, re-tattooing is impossible because the procedure is intense and often leaves shiny skin or scar tissue behind.

 Who is eligible for a saline eyebrow tattoo removal procedure?

You were eligible for eyebrow microblading doesn’t mean you will be eligible for saline tattoo removal, even though the process is almost the same.

To get your eyebrow tattoo removed, you should have patience and plenty of time at hand. Also, you should be willing to follow aftercare instructions. You should give enough time to the treated area to heal and shouldn’t rush to re-tattoo or apply makeup.

If you want immediate results, you are not ideal for saline tattoo removal. Other than this, you should drop the idea of removing eyebrow tattoos if you have any severe skin or health conditions that can prolong healing.

 Is saline tattoo removal safe for eyebrow tattoo removal?

Yes, saline tattoo removal is safe but only if it is performed by an experienced technician and all aftercare instructions are followed strictly and carefully.

Saline tattoo removal can reverse the result of the microblading procedure. So, book your appointment today

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