How often does my permanent eyeliner tattoo need touchups?

By Nov 25, 2021

A lot of women do not consider touchups after getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo. They often say that it is an unnecessary expense. But if you are someone who likes to look always the best, touchup sessions will help you enjoy the benefit of permanent makeup longer than others. Besides, if you have chosen a reputable makeup artist, your package might even include touchup; meaning no need to pay extra for a touchup session.

How permanent is a permanent eyeliner tattoo?

The term, “permanent makeup” gives the illusion that it will stay there forever. It is not the case though. Since our skin keeps shedding cells and renewing, permanent makeup doesn’t last lifelong. People tend to call it permanent because permanent makeup lasts for many months or up to even two years when compared to regular makeup that lasts for only a day or even less than a day.

In the case of a permanent eyeliner tattoo, it lasts for around 12 to 18 months and the duration varies from person to person. Besides, the longevity of your permanent eyeliner tattoo also depends on whether you have had a touch-up session or not.

To be honest, the fact that a permanent eyeliner tattoo doesn’t last for several years is a blessing in disguise. In case you get tired of your current permanent makeup look, you get the chance to make changes once it gets faded.

How often do I need to retouch my permanent eyeliner?

A variety of factors can influence how long a permanent eyeliner tattoo lasts. Sun exposure and body chemistry can play a significant role in how quickly or slowly the pigment will fade over time. If we talk about permanent eyeliner tattoos, we highly recommend retouching or correction once a year in order to see the best results.

Most people start noticing the color fading in a year. However, the skin of every person holds the pigment up to different extents, thus duration between touchups may differ significantly for everyone. We consider it a good thing because trends and styles change quickly, especially in the world of cosmetics. It gives you an opportunity to make slight changes, such as, making some additional strokes, making the color a bit darker, or changing the shape (if possible).

Another important part is the technique of the permanent makeup artist, the pigment type used for permanent eyeliner tattoo, and the amount of pigment used. The type of pigment plays a crucial role in how long the tattoo will last.

Though permanent eyeliner tattoo doesn’t need a touchup too often, we recommend looking for a permanent makeup artist who provides the best advice for you.

What happens if I don’t retouch my permanent eyeliner tattoo on time?

Have you ever seen women with blue, green eyebrows? If yes, that is the result of not performing retouch on time. When you don’t get your permanent eyeliner tattoo retouched, the pigment starts fading or may change color over time. So, if it has been months and you haven’t visited the makeup studio for permanent eyeliner retouch yet, it’s time to book an appointment for a consultation.

Depending on how much pigment has faded, the makeup artist will either recommend you a retouch session or may even recommend getting a brand new permanent eyeliner tattoo for the best results.

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