Is Shading with Microblading a Good Idea?

By Nov 30, 2022

If you are also obsessed with having perfect brows, you might be thinking about microblading services. When searching for microblading services in Orlando, you might have come up with a microblading service that also combines shading and has just a few dollars difference in the price tags. This can put you in a dilemma whether you should go just for plain microblading or shading with microblading. To help you make a clear and informed choice, we have put together this guide for you.


Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique wherein a certified and experienced microblading artist draws fine hair-like strokes on your eyebrows to give an illusion of fuller and more defined natural brows.

This technique is great solution for all those women who have thinner or sparse eyebrows. It can also help even the uneven eyebrow shapes. In other words, if you desire brows that look defined, more evenly shaped, and fuller naturally, microblading is your go-to choice.


Shading is another latest trend in the permanent (or semi-permanent to be precise) makeup industry. This technique gives your brows a soft-shaded, filled-in brow pencil look. Once it heals, it will look more natural than solid color. Shading gives your brows more depth and definition and thus, also makes a good choice. The color of shading can be customized. Thus, if you want to have light soft shading or bold-looking brows, it can be done.

Microblading vs. Shading: Which is better?

Microblading provides you with hair-like strokes that mimic the natural hair of eyebrows as compared to a penciled look. This process gives your brow hair strokes where there is no hair or involves drawing hair strokes to even the brow line, depending on your natural brows’ shape and your expectations.

On the other hand, shading, as its name suggests, involves shading the brow’s underlying skin so that your brow look more natural and a bit darker. For those who are looking for a made-up look, shading is often a better option.

Just like microblading, a good candidate for microshading should not have serious health issues or skin conditions. If you are pregnant or nursing, then you should postpone this procedure because both microblading and microshading require you undergoing a healing phase.

The best news is microshading can be done for all skin types, including oily. However, the period for which they will last depends on skin types, skin care routine, sun exposure, climate, lifestyle, and a lot more factors.

The pain level for both procedures varies from one person to another. To prevent discomfort, permanent makeup artists use a numbing cream.

Some pigments (or colors) fade quicker than other pigments. The lighter pigment you choose, the faster it will fade.

If you are someone who loves the look of fuller and filled-in brows, you should choose microblading and shading both. In case you are still in dilemma, schedule a consultation appointment for microblading services in Orlando at a reputable permanent makeup studio where they also offer shading service. They will help you decide which look goes best with your face.

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    Is Shading with Microblading a Good Idea? - Strokes of Genius Microblading