Lip Blush- A Secrete To Have Seductive Lips!!

By Jan 06, 2022

In dubiously, lip blushing has become the sexiest trend in the beauty industry! Now, you can see lip coloring sessions with pre and post-images on social media. Isn’t it?

This semi-permanent lip coloring session has entirely altered women’s lives who love having alluring-glossy lips throughout the day. On the off chance, if you are tired of putting lip liner to define your lips, lip blush is the ultimate solution for you. Lip coloring is an amalgamation of color correctness and enhancement to the original shape, fullness, and proper distribution of the lip’s color.

Needless to say, lips are one of the biggest beauty concerns of ladies, and there is a pool of cosmetic firms that are trying their best to incorporate natural lip beauty enhancing products such as lip blush, lip tint, and of course, lipsticks as much as possible. But to be honest, there will still be a daily struggle to maintain lip appearance as applying makeup and doing touch-ups are time-consuming processes. So, the only solution is permanent lip blushing. But what really Permanent Lip Blush is? Let’s comprehend. 

Lip Blushing-

A lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup that utilizes a micro-pigmentation technique. It is a lip coloring technique applied to the lips for boosting the natural color and shape of the lips. The overall permanent lip blushing or coloring session takes around a couple of hours in the very first session. However, the time and results can vary depending on several factors including skin type, pigment quality, technique, and the artist’s experience. Optimally, a lip blushing session usually incorporates several steps from preparing the lips to applying the pigment and coloring. However, the nature of the lips can vary from person to person, and there could be problems with lips that need utmost lip color correction.

Keep in mind; every individual is different so does its lip’s nature and skip type. In simple words, there might be different lip coloration requirements. If you are planning to have a permanent lip blushing session, it is better to consult the specialist and select what would work best based on your face features, natural look, lips shape, and skin type, as the session, might incorporate varied techniques. 

When consulting for permanent lip blushing session, it is crucial to know how long it will take to heal, as individuals usually live with anxiety after getting it done. The healing procedure can take a couple of weeks as it is not makeup and doesn’t have any miraculous result just after the session. To your knowledge, the pigmentation can take time to heal and produce the desired color. In short, you have to remain patient for at least 6-weeks to get the best outcome. And in case if you still feel the need, you can go for a touch-up session. A touch-up session can be booked after completing the healing period. Furthermore, the healing span can vary from person to person as everyone’s skin is different. For aftercare, your makeup artist will provide you with instructions and make you comprehend the different stages of the healing process.

For any further information, book a consultation with us today! We are happy when your requirements are met. 

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