Lip Blush After Care: Do’s and Don’ts

By Oct 03, 2023

Congratulations for deciding to enhance your natural beauty with a full lip blush in Orlando. It’s critical to take proper care to keep your freshly enhanced lips looking their best.

After the procedure, your lips will be quite bold, painful, and dry. Moderate edema is common and expected following the surgery and might last 1-2 days. The epidermis will gradually fall off over the following 6 days, causing the hue to fade. Your lip tattoo will shed from the inner center of your lips outward and will seem patchy as it heals.

When you get the procedure of full lip blush, you may have some of the following experiences:

  • ​Tingling Sensation
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Redness around the lips
  • Flaking of Lip Skin
  • Itchiness

Things to Do After the Lip Blush Procedure

Apply an Ice pack

To avoid bruising or swelling, apply an ice pack at 10-minute intervals for the first 48 hours. If desired, this can be applied every hour or so and must be covered with a barrier to prevent water from reaching the lips. Cover the ice pack with paper toweling or a clean cloth, and never place actual ice directly on your lips, as this will get water on the operation area and might cause infection or interfere with recovery.

Maintain Clean and Dry Lips

Wipe the lips gently with a clean tissue to eliminate any extra lymphatic fluid or ointment. This will help to avoid the spread of any bacteria that might be coming along with the fluid..

Apply the Recommended Ointment

Keep your lips hydrated and protected by using the ointment recommended by experts. However, tattoo artists who perform full lip blush in Orlando often suggest aftercare ointments for a better and faster recovery.

Eat Soft and Cool Meals

To reduce irritation or pain to your healing lips, choose cooler, softer meals for the first several days.

Follow Up with Your Tattoo Artist

Attend your tattoo artist’s plan for the post Full lip blush in Orlando. This will reduce any chances of errors and mistakes on your part and also keep you on the right track for a faster recovery.

Things to Avoid During the First Weeks After Full Lip Blush

Avoid Touching or Picking at Your Lips

Avoid touching or picking at your lips. This can interrupt the healing process and result in less desirable outcomes.

Avoid Spicy or Hot meals

Avoid spicy or hot meals for the first several days following the surgery. These might irritate and aggravate your healing lips.

Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Both alcohol and smoking can impair healing by reducing blood circulation. During the early recovery phase, it is preferable to minimize alcohol consumption and, if possible, stop smoking entirely.

Avoid Direct Water Pressure on Lips

Avoid direct water pressure on the lips when taking a shower. Also, do not go swimming or do any other water activities until the lips are fully healed.

Avoid Using Regular Lip cosmetics

During the first healing period, avoid using regular lipsticks, glosses, or other lip cosmetics. Stick to the ointment recommended to you by the tattoo studio.

Remember that patience is essential. Your lips will go through several stages of healing. Trust the process and follow these dos and don’ts to keep your lip blush looking good for years and get the most out of your full lip blush procedure.

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nasheyn dhillon
nasheyn dhillon
Neena has an amazing talent in creating a natural full bodied brow! Absolutely love it. Super clean and very professional- would highly recommend to all my friends and family!
Lisa Mendez
Lisa Mendez
Superstar treatment! Neena was amazing, the coolest personality! she is very welcoming and a very professional artist, with a nice relaxing environment, I did Microblading with shading and I came out with a big smile in my face, I am absolutely in love with my eyebrows, she asked me every second how I was feeling during procedure, kept comforting me and explaining what she was doing, amazing work I highly recommend!!!🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Phyllis Tandy
Phyllis Tandy
Neena is a professional person and someone who communicates well with her clients. She is very knowledgeable about her business and I really felt comfortable talking with her. During my procedure I loved the fact that she asked me often how I was feeling. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that wants someone who is very precise and likes what she does. An amazing woman!!!
Pamela Leach
Pamela Leach
Neena was awesome!!!!She is such a pleasant and attentive person. And she worked diligently to get you finish as quick as possible . I had three services Lips color correction,Micro Blading , and permanent eyeliner and were done within five hours.!! I love how everything looks already can’t wait to see my final results. Would definitely recommend anyone to her. Tks Neena ❤️
Tee & Adonis
Tee & Adonis
I wanted to give my wife an amazing Christmas gift. I searched Google for the perfect place and I looked and found Stroke of genius miroblading. I'm glad I chose this place. Neena is very knowledgeable and has great customer service skills. Neena is a master at her craft. If you want the best miroblading or permanent makeup etc. This is the place for you. I wish I could give her a 6 star review. Thanks again Neena
christina g
christina g
I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to have found Neena to do the microblading and shading on my eyebrows. Since I was about 13 years old, I would draw my eyebrows on with makeup since my eyebows were scarce and super blonde. Neena changed all of that today. 12 years later I FINALLY have the eyebrows I’ve always wanted and it’s all thanks to Neena!! She was very detail oriented and made sure I was 100% happy with the result before leaving. Not to mention, she treats you like a friend, not a customer. I highly recommend Strokes of Genius Microblading.
Deadra Singley
Deadra Singley
All I can say is wow! My eyebrows look incredible and the healing time was minimal. Thank you so much!
Ashley Calzada
Ashley Calzada
I had my eyebrows done through microblading, I had the pleasure of meeting with Neena. She was so polite and very informative when it came to explaining the whole procedure. I absolutely love how my eyebrows came out!!! They are re absolutely everything I wanted! I went from thin small uneven brows to perfection and it's just the first session! I cannot wait to see my flawless look in 6 weeks! I definitely recommend Neena with strokes of genius for your microblading needs! Thank you Neena 😊
Donna Knott
Donna Knott
Nena was superb. Love my eyebrows. She was extremely friendly, kind and skilled. Going back to have other things done.
Wanda Woman
Wanda Woman
When I say Neena is incredible trust me she is amazing. Me and my mom both came in to get microblading and my mom was so scared at first.......but Neena made us feel comfortable from the second we walked in and she said hello. She is incredible her energy is super and is very talented. I loved my eyebrows my mom is super happy as well we will definitely come back to do them over when that time comes. I recommend the session with the touch up it makes a difference. Happy Customer. Thank you Neena see you soon
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