Lip Blushing – Everything to Know About the Procedure

By Dec 05, 2020

Do you want fuller and more defined lips? But not willing to get a painful, expensive injection to achieve the results? With age, lips experiences loss of color and definition. Thanks to lip tattooing or lip blushing, it can be remedied without visiting a plastic surgeon’s office. It is arguably the procedure to correct the lip’s color and also enhance its shape & size with natural-looking results.

What is Lip Blushing?

It is a form of semi-permanent makeup that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of lips, giving the illusion of fullness. Lip blushing can give the lips a youthful appearance and also correct any kind of asymmetry.

Sessions like lip injections and chemical peels need to be done a few weeks before the procedure. This procedure is there to enhance the color of your lips with a long-lasting pigment. Each shade of the blush is customized to match the lip color, and what you want.

What is the process of Lip Blushing like?

The initial process of lip blushing can take around 2 hours. The artist starts by applying a medical grade topical anesthetic to numb the lips for about 20 minutes. We start by drawing the outline of the lips and fixing any asymmetry and then we start tattooing the outline of lips and then filling them in. Our lips are sensitive and thus, the process can be uncomfortable for some but most clients will definitely get numb. The person might feel the sensation of an aggressive lip scrub, but it will quickly fade. You may experience some swelling as this is very common and will subside.

4 To Know Facts about Lip Blushing Procedure

1. Lip blushing is a unique shading technique.

2. Each lip shade is customized to match the lip color.

3. The healing process takes around 5-10 days.

4. The blush lasts for up to 2 years without re-touching.

How long does the Lip Blush last? Does it hurt?

The individual will have the semi-permanent lip blush lasting up to 2 years and may require a retouch as pigment loss can occur. In case you don’t like the shade that you have chosen, then it can be adjusted after the healing process is over and everything has faded. Everyone’s timeline is different.

It’s important you find a licensed and experienced artist. Look at the reviews of the artist to make sure they are reputable. If you want more details about the process google and do your due diligence before you let just anyone touch your lips.

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    Lip Blushing – Everything to Know About the Procedure