Microblading: Best Way Ever to Get Eyebrows of a Desired Shape

By Jun 20, 2019

No more worrying about your naked eyebrows! Now you can have the eyebrows that you have long dreamed of. From color, shape, thickness to texture, you can get the eyebrows of your choice, thanks to Microblading, a new semi permanent solution for people who have no brows, have sparse brows, or just want to enhance their current brows. This procedure will surely give clients the beautiful brows they have always wanted 24/7. It can last anywhere from 10 months- 2 years.

A Glance into the Microblading

Microblading is a form of tattooing, but instead of a Tattooing machine which is used to deposit pigment inside the layers of skin, a disposable, single-use, sterile, handheld tool is used. This is one major difference between the traditional method and Microblading. Also, everything from mapping the eyebrows to depositing ink is all done manually. This allows you to create the shade, pattern and hair strokes precisely the way you want them. With traditional tattooing that involves machines to deposit pigment into the skin there is no such control. With Microblading the huge advantage is that you have complete control of how you want to shape the brows to how many hair like strokes you want to make, to the density of the brow etc making Microblading, the most sought-after choice for those women who are looking for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup solution.


Unlike methods used before for eyebrow pigmentation that simply got placed on your brows like two large slugs atop your eyelids, in Microblading, a sharp tool like a mini scalpel with tiny needles is used to scratch tiny lines into your natural brows, so that they look just like individual hairs. The lines are so fine that this procedure for eyebrow makeup is also called eyebrow embroidery. If done properly, it is impossible to distinguish between the real brows and the ones created through Microblading.

Before the procedure the client is numbed using two anesthetic creams which are applied directly to the brow area to get the client all ready and comfortable for the procedure. The eyebrows are then mapped and measured and then the magic takes place! As a final step a gel like cream is placed on the Microbladed eyebrows as a hindrance. It is a good idea to get this procedure done by a Licensed and Certified Tattoo Artist and by one who the right expertise and experience in this kind of procedure.

After the procedure is done, clients are provided with instructions for after care. They are advised not towel, wash or touch the brow area for 7-10 days as it heals. It is better to use cleansing wipes or keep your face dry during this time period. The eyebrows will then go through a series of changes and in about a month or so the true color and hair strokes will appear just like real fine hairs. People who have had this procedure done say it’s completely changed their lives and that they feel so much younger and they no longer have to spend all that time applying eyebrow makeup. Microblading has truly become a game changer!

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    Microblading: Best Way Ever to Get Eyebrows of a Desired Shape - Strokes of Genius Microblading