By Jul 02, 2019
Microblading Eyebrows in Orlando | What is Microblading?

Brows are a staple in our beauty routines nowadays. But, imagine a world where you never have to pick up a pencil again. Microblading eyebrows in Orlando is a cool technique that can help you achieve a lasting brow. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Microblading?

Maybe you’ve heard about the “eyebrow tattoo” trend. Well, they’re talking about microblading! Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that does require touch ups. It’s a great way to reshape your brows, fill them in, and transform your look without the daily hassle of filling them in!

What is the Perfect Eyebrow Shape?

The beautiful thing about eyebrows is that everyone’s are unique. But, there is a technique behind sculpting a brow that’ll complement your face shape. The three most important points of your brow are the beginning, the arch, and the end. These align with the different points of the eye to make a structured and beautiful look. From there, you can have fun with your brows! Are you looking for a fuller brow? Full or straight arch? And so forth. All of this is predetermined to make sure we get the best look when it comes time to microblade.

What are the Benefits of Microblading?

Imagine waking up and having beautiful brows. You just roll out of bed and Beyoncé a little bit because yes, you woke up like that. That’s a great feeling! You’re saving time and feeling confident. And, so many people can benefit from microblading. Whether you’re the mom whose hands are always full or a cancer survivor who is ready to live their best life, microblading can leave you looking and feeling amazing.

Want to Learn More about Microblading Eyebrows in Orlando?

Microblading eyebrows in Orlando is truly an art form! And we appreciate that here at Fleek Brows. If you’re ready to learn how to transform brows with microblading eyebrows in Orlando, contact us about our training today!

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