By Jun 14, 2019
How to Know That Microblading Is the Right Career For Me

It’s natural to have excitement and fascination for a piece of work or art when you are young and in school, but there comes a time when you have to decide what to do with your life. And to come to terms with that, you will need to know very deeply about your interests, capacity, and the resources that you have with you to pursue a career.

The same goes when you brainstorm with your thoughts of becoming a microblading artist. You’ll have to observe your inlying desire, your passion, as well as learn about the qualities that as a person you’ll require to possess for becoming a successful microblading artist. To know that about yourself, you’ll have to introspect and find whether you have those qualities in you or not. The qualities are:

  • An Artist’s Zeal: Do you have that artist sitting inside? The one who is ambitious, willing to take risks, and the one who strives for the original work of authorship and continuously feel motivated for it? Being a microblading artist, you’ll also need to have those keenly observing eyes of an artist for finalizing the color or the mix of colors, the density and patterns of hairs, and the right eyebrow design that fits accurately with the overall symmetry of a face. So, it’s all about being able to develop that mindset of an artist, and if you talk about the skills, don’t worry! Your mind will take care of your arms.
  • A Desire to Become an Entrepreneur: Microblading equally requires the skills of both an artist as well as a business person (in case you’re running your own parlor). And if you really want to become an entrepreneur, you must have the skills of an entrepreneur such as getting things in place, ability to think out of the box, diligence in finding your financiers, confidence to make or break a deal, and the skills of negotiating. Your desire to run your business must be backed upon by your ability to see through the hurdles. That’s where the potential of an entrepreneur is determined.
  • The Enthusiasm of Being a Confidence Booster: True microblading artists share an enthusiasm of boosting confidence in others through their work. Desperate people wanting to redesign their eyebrows to regain their confidence will visit you. Your job as a microblading artist will be to win their trust by serving them with a fine piece of eyebrow embroidery work that can actually boost their confidence of presenting themselves to the world. So, if you have that helper’s light in you, rise up and cast it on others who are desperately searching for it.
  • An Attraction Towards the Cosmetic/Beauty Industry: If you have this ever-present huge attraction towards the beauty and cosmetic world, and if you find yourself always doing research on the beauty and cosmetic related topics, people, and latest trends and happenings, then you have good prospects of becoming a successful microblading artist. If while doing research, you try to create a picture in your mind about the things that were lacking or the things that could have been done for improvement, then you are definitely in for the job.
  • An Interest of Being An Instructor: Many of us love to teach or impart our knowledge that we have received through our hard work and persistence to others. By sharing our knowledge or skills with others, we complete our journey of being a learner or an instructor. So, if you love to share your knowledge with others, you will make a fine microblading instructor after you’d have spent a substantial part of your life learning and refining your own skills.

If you have these qualities in you, then be assured you are going to do fine with your microblading career.

Fleek Brows Florida helps you achieve your dream of pursuing a career in microblading and becoming a successful microblading artist.

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I will definitely recommend Neena to everyone I know. She embodies professionalism, provides thorough information, exudes friendliness, and brings a delightful sense of fun to the experience. As someone initially hesitant about becoming a customer, persuaded by my sister to try permanent eyeliner despite my aversion to tattoos and discomfort with pain, I found Neena's approach remarkably reassuring. She took the time to explain the procedure and set clear expectations, ensuring we felt at ease throughout. From the preparation phase to the actual process and the subsequent care, Neena ensured our comfort and satisfaction every step of the way. The overall experience surpassed my expectations significantly.
So this is my 3rd visit with neena and yet again she lives up to her establishments name GENIUS, just always so happy with her work, what i need done she gets done with no question or judgements. peaceful clean work enviorment and shes always a pleasure to speak to. You need to experience for yourself you will definitley be happy and no regrets on referring others to her as well!! thank you neena !!
Can’t say how happy I am with my eyebrows. Even at my job my co-workers and patients compliment my eyebrows. My husband couldn’t believe how real they looked. Neena is the best by far, she’s so professional, makes you feel comfortable, and her energy, you can tell she loves what she does and that she knows she does a good job. If you are looking for a microblade tech please look no further, Neena got you.
I am in love with my eyebrows!!! She did a very good job. I wanted to get microblading done for so long, and Neena did not disappoint. Her studio is very nice and welcoming. I get so many compliments from everybody!!! That makes me happier!
My first time experiencing microblading, and I am in love with the results. Neena is very good at what she does. She was also very down to earth and patient. The salon is located at a very nice area. The place was really clean and beautiful. Top tier service all around. 10/10 recommend.
I love my new brow they look amazing I’m super pleased with it. Got alot of compliments. Neena is an awesome brow artist. 100% recommend her. Thank you for making my eyes so beautiful.
Neena has been so so wonderful and I’ve received so many compliments on my brows. Thank you for hooking me up, It was an absolute pleasure working with you.
Wow!!!!! I have never seen such natural technique before. This is my first time getting microblading done and it was hands down the best ever. My eyebrows were super thin when i went in and now look much more natural and thicker! Thank you so much for everything! I’m the happiest women ever
Excellent service!!!! Highly recommended this place. I got my eyebrows micro blading yesterday. It was so fast & painless. The owner very professional & so friendly. Thank you so much!
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