New Year, New Me: Redefining Look by Eyebrow Microblading for Cancer Survivors!

By Jan 14, 2022

When you have battled a chronic illness, such as cancer, it is natural to look for ways that help you regain your normal look and life. It is common knowledge that most cancer patients lose their hair due to the negative effects of chemotherapy. Only a few know that many patients also lose their eyebrow hair. Fortunately, there is an effective solution to regain the natural look – eyebrow microblading service.

But, first things first, what exactly is microblading? In simple words, microblading is the process of creating strokes of hair on your brow region with the help of microblading equipment and quality pigment that suits your appearance. A microblading tool is equipped with fine micro-sized needles that help embed the pigment underneath the skin layer so that the strokes last longer and your eyebrows look natural.

Is eyebrow microblading safe for cancer patients and survivors?

Before you, as a cancer patient/survivor, choose to get microblading eyebrows, it is essential to talk to your doctor about it and get approval for eyebrow microblading first. If you are still undergoing chemotherapy, you must wait till your session is complete. According to experts, microblading should never be done when a cancer patient is going through chemotherapy.       

Why is eyebrow microblading good for cancer patients and survivors?

You get your eyebrows back!

Yes, an eyebrow microblading service can help you restore or even enhance your eyebrow look. What’s best, most people can’t distinguish between microblading eyebrows and natural eyebrows.  If you disliked the shape or color of your original eyebrows, you can discuss the desired look of your brows with the microblading artist.

You gain more confidence!

Undeniably, as a cancer survivor, you will naturally have more confidence because you have fought a grave battle and won it. However, the changes that chemotherapy sessions cause to your appearance might make you uncomfortable or sad. Luckily, with the help of a certified and licensed eyebrow microblading service provider who uses organic and vegan pigments, you will get natural-looking eyebrows back that will help boost your confidence and improve your mood.

You enjoy a painless procedure!

The microblading procedure for eyebrows is not painful. To reduce the discomfort, your microblading artist will numb the area throughout the procedure so that you don’t feel any pain and enjoy your session.

The entire procedure can take around 1.5 hours during the first appointment. Before doing anything, the microblading artist will discuss a subtle color and shape for your eyebrows with you and also guide you on how to take care of your eyebrows during the healing period.

When is it ideal for cancer patients to get the eyebrow microblading procedure done?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and recommended chemotherapy, you can choose to opt for eyebrow microblading service several (at least seven to eight) weeks before the first chemotherapy session. It is a good idea to get microblading done before chemotherapy as it makes the situation of losing brow hair less dramatic and disappointing. You don’t easily notice that your natural brow hair is falling.   Microblading can also be done after a few weeks of chemotherapy completion only once you have consulted your doctor beforehand. The reward of getting new eyebrows after losing the original ones is definitely priceless and can be a very positive experience for cancer survivors.

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    New Year, New Me: Redefining Look by Eyebrow Microblading for Cancer Survivors! - Strokes of Genius Microblading