Saline Tattoo Removal: Why it’s the most effective way to remove a Tattoo

By Sep 30, 2021

In the last few years, permanent makeup has gained massive attraction. Thus, there is an increase in the number of tattoo artists. However, their inexperience can be seen by their results. People who have had their eyelids, brows, or lips enhanced with permanent makeup noticed fading of pigment into unattractive shapes or lost shape and blurred.

Novice artists often make mistakes. But fortunately, there is an advanced removal technique, which doesn’t damage the skin and offers the best results – Saline tattoo removal.

Saline solution tattoo removal was developed for removing tattoo ink. It turned out to be efficient and effective way for removing permanent makeup. This removal technique involves opening the skin and extracting the undesirable pigments by implementing a chemical solution based on sea salt. You can go with saline solution to help fade the Microblading, lip liner or blush, and or permanent eyeliner.

Why should you opt for the saline solution tattoo removal?

1. It is a safe method and ideal for most skin types. Most alternative methods lead to blistered, hyper pigmented, or scarred skin.

2. The saline tattoo removal process is less painful than laser removal.

3. Unlike laser, saline removal is not color-specific. So, you can remove varying tattoo colors from your skin with this method.

4. Saline solutions remove ink from the body. On the other hand, laser session breaks the ink into smaller fragments and left for the body to get rid of it. Research suggests the pigment may stay in the lymphatic system. 

5. With saline tattoo removal, you can get another tattoo over that in the same place once it’s healed up.

Ideal Candidates For Saline Tattoo Removal:

Any person who has permanent makeup pigments is an ideal candidate for saline removal session. However, there are certain restrictions. Saline removal is not safe for people who:

• Are pregnant or nursing

• Suffer from skin conditions

• Suffer from Glaucoma

• Suffer from diabetes, hepatitis, etc.

• Suffer from active skin cancer

• Have a history of hyperpigmentation or keloid formation

What are the Alternative Methods of Tattoo Removal?

1. Dermabrasion: It is a painful procedure as the expert removes the top layer of skin. Also, it takes multiple sessions.

2. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL): In this session, your tattooed skin will be exposed to high-intensity light. It also requires multiple sessions that can be expensive over time.

3. Tattoo Removal Creams: This option is inexpensive. But it may cause more damage as it contains acids and bleaching chemicals. It may also lead to itchy, scarred, peeling, and pigmented skin.

4. Surgical Removal: This session may leave behind scarred, discolored, and bumpy skin. Often, the surgeon can’t go deep enough, meaning the tattoo is removed partially.

Saline tattoo removal is probably the most efficient way to remove permanent makeup pigments. It enables the specialist to target the fragments accurately and extract them without causing damage to your skin. Like any other session, saline removal also involves risks, but those are minimal compared to other methods.

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    Saline Tattoo Removal: Why it’s the most effective way to remove a Tattoo - Strokes of Genius Microblading