What to Do After Getting Lip Blush Tattoo

By Jul 15, 2023

You got your lip blush tattoo and want to take care of your precious lips in the best way possible. Aftercare is a very important part of lip blushing. Once you have had your lip blush procedure done, following the right aftercare routine is important to properly heal, preserve the color vibrancy, and enjoy your new appearance. Let us share with you the important steps of full lip blush treatment aftercare in detail.

1.Make Sure to Keep Your Lips Clean

Keeping your lips clean is extremely important even with natural lip blushing. It helps in avoiding infection and speeding the healing process.

  • Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser to gently clean your lips, or you can just rinse them with warm water.
  • Let them air dry or pat them dry with a fresh, soft cloth.


2.Apply a Healing Ointment:

Apply a thin coat of the healing ointment that has been advised by your makeup artist. This cream will keep your lips moist and help the healing process. The ointment of choice is Burt’s Bees Wax. Keep the lips heavily hydrated.

  • This ointment will ease any discomfort, reduce dryness, and stop scabs from forming.
  • Choose a product that has been specially recommended by your makeup artist because they are aware of what might work best for you.

3.Do Not Touch or Pick at Your Lips:

During the healing process after full lip blush, stop yourself from touching or picking at your lips. This can lead to a bacterial infection, which can delay the healing process.

  • Touching the tattooed region can result in color loss and other risks such as infection.
  • Leave the natural healing process alone so it can heal quickly.

4.Avoid Exposing Your Lips to Sun:

The color of your lip blush tattoo can fade in the sun, and it can also make the healing process more difficult.

  • Don’t expose your lips to sunlight.
  • When you need to go outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat or apply lip balm with SPF.
  • There is also lip sunscreen available for further security.

5.Drink Plenty of Water:

The skin of your lips and your overall health depend on proper hydration.

  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. It will support general skin health and healing.
  • Lips that are properly hydrated are less likely to develop dryness and flakiness.

6.Do Not Eat Hot and Spicy Food:

It’s advised to avoid eating hot and spicy foods for the first few days after receiving a blush lip tattoo.

  • They can make you uncomfortable and slow down the healing process.
  • To promote a speedy recovery during this time, choose colder, milder foods.

7.Follow the Instructions Given by Your Artist:

Every tattoo artist has specific guidelines and advice for aftercare.

  • Stick to their instructions and any extra measures or safety precautions they suggest.
  • To get the greatest outcomes, your artist’s knowledge and directions are essential.

Lip Blushing Cost

The lip blushing cost can vary between $200 and $1000 in Orlando. Prices may differ depending on the reputation, location, and experience of the artist. In order to get reliable and pleasing results, it is important to select a reputable artist.

You can speed up the healing process and maintain the look of your lip blush treatment with the help of these aftercare instructions. You’ll have gorgeous, natural-looking lips for years to come with the right care regimen.

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    What to Do After Getting Lip Blush Tattoo