What’s the Cost of Permanent Lip Blush?

By Nov 18, 2021

 Permanent lip blush is one of the best cosmetic procedures, especially for people who wear some sort of lip makeup every day and want to save time and energy. Also, the process is affordable. They compare the cost of their service to that of others, who have completed permanent lip blush procedures. Costs are usually pretty much around the same range give it take a little.

 In this post, we will discuss the factors that impact the cost of the permanent lip blush procedure.

 Technique used during the procedure 

Different techniques are charged differently because some take less time and skill, while others are more difficult and require more pigments. Some of the techniques are:

 The permanent or full lip color– It looks like wearing opaque lipstick and lip liner. The technique includes saturating the whole surface of the lips in pigment and outlining them. As it is done in multiple sittings and requires more pigments, it takes more time. Also, it requires frequent touch-ups to stay fresh.

 The dark lip neutralization– It is the same as permanent lipstick. Both process and price are the same. If you add a color on the top of the neutralization, the charges are extra.

The lip blush– Compare to the two techniques mentioned above, the lip blush technique is cheaper.

 The regular and shaded lip liner– One of the cheapest techniques in the procedure. This only includes outlining the lips and adding an optional blended shade effect. And it takes less time, so the cost is less.

 Location of the artist

The location of the permanent lip blush artist significantly impacts the cost of the procedure. There is a general tendency that the artists located in large cities charge more than artists located in small cities. And it’s because there is a higher demand for the procedure and they have to bear the cost.

 Other than this, one important factor that affects the cost in different locations is competition. If the competition is high in a particular location, the charges are more and vice versa.

 Experience of the artist

The charge of newcomers or less inexperienced artists is lower compared to experienced masters. And it’s because former artists don’t have before and afters to mention in their portfolios. They are in the process of perfecting their skill. More experience could mean little more price wise.

 It doesn’t mean that if an artist is new in the industry that they won’t go a good job. Be sure to check reviews and before and after pictures which will give you some peace of mind. Also ask for a consultation if you unsure about the costs and about the lip blushing procedure.

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